C-Cex Announce 3-Month "Limited Service" Period

in #gridcoin4 years ago (edited)

C-Cex crypto currency exchange have announced a three month holiday period starting May 31st and continuing until August 31st 2018 during which services will be limited.

Quoting from https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=418700.msg38330395#msg38330395

We will: provide trading service, API trading service, C-CEX codes creation and redeeming, fiat deposits and withdrawals.

We will not: provide all cryptocoin and tokens deposits and withdrawals, support ticket service.
If you need your cryptocurrency to trade here or elsewhere during "limited service" period - please, deposit or withdraw it before vacation start date. Please, do not send any deposits during "limited service" period as they will not be posted to balances.

We will resume normal service after August, 31. We may resume normal service earlier. We may serve tickets during vacation period but we do not take obligation to do that.

The important point is that deposits and withdrawals may not be supported during this time even though trading within the exchange will still be possible.
There are only a few days left to access your crypto-currencies if you wish to make a withdrawal before "limited service" begins, likewise for deposits.


C-CEX is dead to me. This is bullshit and the second time it happens in a year.

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