BOINC version 7.12 is now available

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From the 15th of July 2018 BOINC version 7.12 is now available (and version 7.12.1 for Windows)
There have been many improvements to the the account manager features but also support for new features including Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) detection and HTML in project terms of use.

Quoting from the changelog entries for version 7.12.0 and 7.12.1 are:

Changes in 7.12.1
released: 15 July 2018
Fix auto-attach for Windows

Changes in 7.12.0
released: 15 July 2018
When auto-attach to an account manager, show its name.
Work correctly with account managers that use authenticators rather than name/password.
Windows 10: detect and report Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
Supports HTML in project terms of use
Fix Next buttons in attach wizard after failed login
Show informative error message if login token lookup fails


See also here ;)

Thanks for the note.
I didn't mean to double post on this on but I somehow missed your original post in the gridcoin feed (it was there though).
I appreciate the quality presentation and punctuality of your post, I have up-voted both your original post and comments on the subject.

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