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Ok so i think i understood the basic premise.. Correct me if im wrong but Gridcoin rewards people that volunteer computing power to science research projects.
What i would like to know is what you would say is the appeal of holding some GRC? Why buy them? The work that is done on the side of those providing computing power to those that contribute to scientific research is amazing... But what would you say is the appeal to buy and hold the coins themselves?


If you hold GRC in official Gridcoin wallet and keep it online, you get 1.5% interest per year. And also, you get that warm fuzzy feeling that you helped push the GRC price up, which might attract someone to join BOINC and start computing for science, ultimately providing us with a cure for cancer sooner.

I know what you are doing is admirable. It really is. My father is probably the most quoted scientist in his field in Croatia and i helped him write a few of his books, so i understand how amazing this is.
But... With a amazing number of opportunities presented in the crypto market, someone with a limited amount crypto open for investment (i hold barely 15% overall in crypto, of what you have just in STEEM) i would love to see some kind of use added to GRC before moving my money. And i know the potential is there.
Atm, the motivation for me would be more in using BOINC and volunteering my computing power then investing in GRC.
GRC, imo should create additional value besides what it is doing atm. Giving computing power to BOINC is amazing as is, getting something instead of nothing in the form of GRC is amazing as well, but i think coming up with a utility, a use case, for those buying and holding GRC needs to happen for there to be hype created for this.
If somehow GRC could be used to augment efforts even more? If people knew that by buying GRC they were contributing in such a way that exceeds just sending some money to their local cancer research institution that might bring in more investment. Just throwing stuff out there.

How about moving GRC to STEEM and do what Utopian does? Ned would probably support GRC with delegation and you could reward people with it that contribute.

Ali stvarno zanimljiv projekt.

This is a very valid point. The economic systems of GRC (and most of crypto) are still begging for development. The community is having very active conversations on how to build mechanisms for the GRC ecosystem.

One idea is a Gridcoin managed BOINC project that runs on a business model that involves purchasing GRC to crunch work. This project is working with the title MicroGrid for now and is in the early stages of planning.

Below is a recent podcast that discusses other possibilities with regards to building up the GRC ecosystem and economic mechanisms.

Sure GRC can be used to augment those efforts even more. Some BOINC projects and BOINC related websites accept GRC for donations, which makes their operation easier (Primegrid, [email protected], BOINCstats, [email protected] come right to mind). Plenty of far more expensive coins haven't really attained that level of utility and aren't accepted anywhere, for anything.

Moving GRC to Steem is of course impossible (different blockchains) but you can always trade your GRC for STEEM and deposit it here as such.

Im writing a robust post about STEEM use case right now. I added something about GRC in it. Not saying moving GRC to the STEEM blockchain in technical terms. I mean in terms of the idea behind it.

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