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RE: New Marketing Initiative for Gridcoin

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@vortac I for sure approve your New Marketing Initiative for Gridcoin, but I do have a small observation: In general we should promote the use of GRIDCOIN in our payments, especially if they are related to GRIDCOIN itself, therefore:

Under point 3: you proposed fixed campaigns on BOINCstats and Free-DC, which I endorse! However, I do think that we shall pay both web-sites with GRIDCOIN, especially as Willy de Zutter (BOINCstats) accepts donations in GRIDCOIN, and we should for sure attempt that Free DC accepts the payment in GRIDCOIN as well. If the later site does not agree with the payments in GRIDCOIN, we might pay by PayPal.

It should be BOINCstats and Free-DC decision and work, if they decide to exchange GRC to BTC/US-Dollar or hodling GRIDCOINs.

When I have read your proposal under point 3; a not so favorable comment crossed my mind for using PayPal as payment platform.

I do have a comment not directly on your Marketing Proposal, but to the Budget Proposal floated at StemmIt as well: At this very low exchange rate between: GRIDCOIN and BTC/US-Dollar, there should be a floor in the applied Exchange rates (Minimum Exchange rate) or at least an Exchange rate based on one year averaged Exchange rate, when the budget is drawn and when the payments are made. As all the efforts in Development of GRIDCOIN and Marketing are focused on driving the Market-price of GRIDCOIN up, otherwise the foundation GRIDCOIN holdings will be depleted very fast.


I'll try to arrange payment in GRC for BOINCstats and Free-DC. In our previous deals, Willy de Zutter wanted PayPal though. Since whole crypto is down, he'll probably want € again.

Great! But, if we do not promote the use of GRIDCOIN for our own payments, GRIDCOIN never will get from the ground! (As we can see from the actual Exchange Rates, all those, who try to offset Electric Bills and Hardware Costs by mining GRIDCOIN are is stumbling to sell GRIDCOIN to useful currency…)

Alternative proposal, offer a 10% price premium above Exchange Rates, if they accept GRIDCOIN payments over PayPal.

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