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RE: UTXO Size vs Efficiency for upcoming Constant Block Rewards

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Sorry, I do not understand what to do to optimize my stacking, although I do understand your explanation of the stacking mechanics.

As I understand it, if I have three Gridcoin-adresses:
XXXX with 25000 coins
YYYY with 1000 coins
ZZZZ with 10 coins
You suggest that we transfer coins to YYYY and ZZZZ so they do have at least 2000 coins each. So it would look like:
XXXX 22010 coins
YYYY 2000 coins
ZZZZ 2000 coins

Correct? If so, I tried to send from my wallet to my own addresses YYYY and ZZZZ the needed coins, as I would send to another user, but this did not work. Can you explain how to?

As well as I am in Options: What do you suggest to click or change?

Thanks a lot!


I would recommend reading the section UTXOs and coin control from this guide:
I think it would help you clarify things a little bit, but if not, please ask again.

This guide helped to join small UTXOs together. But I have not understand how I would divide a “big” UTXO in various smaller UTXOs: “So if you have 1 large UTXO that is big enough to stake more than once every 16 hours, you can split it into smaller UTXOs which can allow you to stake slightly more often.”
I do this by transferring an amount smaller than “After Fee” (e.g. After Fee is 20000.00 so I will put in Amount [to send]: 100) this will split the UTXO to two UTXOs, one: 19900 and the other 100?
And if I will not fill “custom change address” with an existing address it will create a new address with 100?
Is this correct?

Simply send a smaller amount than is selected from the input back to yourself, with the change address set to the same as the receive address if desired. This will "split" the input into two pieces, the "send" part and the "change" part.

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