Update 1 - Proposal and Poll: Funding a Proposed Gridcoin Core Client UI Redesign

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The poll on the new GUI design is moving along with 172 votes so far and a breakdown as follows:

OptionVotesShare %
Reject Proposal30.57

Best Answer:Yes
Voting Shares:13,641,305
Total Shares:477 305 037
Share Weight:2.86%
Validation Status:NOT VALIDATED


Since the poll began there have been a few discussions on what to incorporate into the design. You can follow these discussions and all developments and features of the proposed design by keeping up to date with the github thread linked below. Here is an brief update on what has been added:

Design and Discussion Thread

  1. Enhanced Overview tab with help tooltips (Miner & Investor modes)
  2. History tab
  3. News section
  4. Change passphrase view

These features of the new design are built on top of other new features such as:

  1. Giving polls visibility on the main tab
  2. Sorting and improving polling functionality
  3. Providing a sync progress visual

And more.


To approve the new design along with the release of funds from the foundation, the poll must receive 15% total vote-weight by August 1st.

Whether you approve or disapprove, get out there and vote! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns about the design, post them directly to the the Design and Discussion Thread.

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Didn't we just do a buncha user interface changes to make the newer people happy along with adding a vote tab along with connection notification and redoing the reward/transaction icons.
Why does everything have to get changed such as going from qt4 to qt5 dropping qt4 support instead of backwards compatible (I see you are running osx , not sure if like me and a dell i5 vs airbook or macbook) this on the mac side made it so 10.10 is the oldest OSX distro you can run the ported Gridcoin .dmg.
Do we need to redundantly keep changing the GUI when we need a neural network ported over to .nix/bsd/osx?
Since you , and I am just generalizing because honestly it was at the same time period you joined along with I think Noah and a few others that suddenly its constant re-branding as a focus on trying to change everything from the Gridcoin image and colour, an actual Gridcoin coin that someone printed 1 of , the wallet colours has been changed from the baby poo filled diaper newborn colour and thats great. The newest or current GUI is KISS if you are not familiar that is " Keep it simple stupid ". I do not see how more simplicity or more code to isn't bloat and suddenly gridcoinresearchd ends up being a memory hog after a good part of the last year was lowering ram usage and client load times even a few milliseconds here and there vs windows/linux/osx/fbsd GUI vs no offense but this image in your post looks like the Gridcoin wallet has turned into the Yahoo messenger splash screen from a decade ago. Oddly your desktop is spartan and looks minimalistic.
So this made me think , we need the ability for themes so we can choose because I know you will push this with advertising and I assume lots of conversing during your Winston Churchill hour. If we could have even 4-5 options , and people can openly make their own even but Gridcoin-Miniature , Gridcoin-Classic , Gridcoin-Modern ( current ) , Gridcoin-Newage1-2-3? That would also be nice for people whom run testnet and being able to have a production wallet with the current modern theme and testnet on an older themes. I know that a dev whom I have not heard mentioned because he took payment and did not follow threw with his job , to revamp the GUI and we worked threw it and still it has changed a bunch in the 2 years I have been around. Maybe 1 day the code line that calls bitcoin.png can get updated to what the image is gridcoin.png.