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The proposed website has been funded!

The donation address has met the 350,000 GRC required to fulfill the fund-match requirement.

This means that the Gridcoin foundation will reserve 350,000 GRC to pay out upon completion of the site as defined in the proposal.

Any GRC held by the donation address in excess of the 350,000 GRC will be subtracted from the foundation fund-match.

The donation address currently holds 362,507 GRC.

This means that the foundation will provide (350,000 - (362,507-350,000)), or 337,493 GRC.

Any further donations to the donation address will reduce the amount of GRC provided by the foundation.

You can track the donation address here

You can view the proposal here

If you'd like, you can continue to donate to the address


Thanks to everyone that donated! I'll keep you updated as progress continues.


Great, nice to see several wallets side-staking into the fund!