Gridcoin Research 4.0-2018 Roadmap Progress Report and November 18th Discussion Recording

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Welcome back! Apologies for the lack of communication the past week. It's a busy time of year for everyone, but we're still here, we're still working, and well, we're starting to really get going.

I would highly recommend taking a listen to the audio linked at the end of this article. It is only 30 minutes long and we really get into the 4.0-2018 Roadmap timeline. Plus we have a nice back and forth regarding Sharedropping.


"Let's do this!"

We have passed several deadlines from the proposed 4.0-2018 Roadmap (linked below).

We are not terribly disappointed that we have passed these deadlines. In all honesty, it was a bit expected. The discussions spawned from the roadmap proposals, however, are a source of pride and should be for everyone involved. We are truly beginning to get into what Gridcoin is, what we want it to be, and how we can come together to make it a tool for science and democratized data analysis.

We are reaching more people, more people are speaking up and sharing their visions for Gridcoin, and more people are actively reaching out to get involved with development, marketing, and funding. Sure, we might disagree on some things like implementation, value, and utility, but in the end I'd like to believe that we're all here to make the world a better place by bringing science and data analysis to the blockchain. So long as we are open and honest with each other, encourage discussion, and include as many people as possible in the decision making process, I have no doubts that this is something we can do.

Where We Stand

  • We are starting to get specifics regarding CBR worked out. Proposals linked below

  • We invite everyone to work out specifics or generals around CBR. @hotbit has put together a specific CBR proposal and @jringo has put together a general CBR proposal which combines Beacon Mint with CBR. Use these for examples. Additionally, @ravon has suggested in slack that we might be able to work out a combination between interest and CBR.

  • We invite everyone to join the 44th Gridcoin community hangout Saturday, November 25th, at 7pm UTC (Tomorrow). The hangout thread will be linked below. We will undoubtedly be discussing Rob's Masternode proposal and hopefully comparing it to these 4.0-2018 Roadmap proposals. If you cannot attend, keep an eye out for a summary and the edited or raw recording from @peppernrino.

  • Regarding the rest of the timeline in the original article, consider it trashed. As it stands, we hope to rephrase the polls and get them hosted in mid December. If we do this, they will close toward the end of January. This will extend the time we have for discussions while giving more people more time to join the conversation and put forth proposals. This will also give investors, along with those watching Gridcoin development from the outside, peace of mind when it comes to what we expect to accomplish in 2018. Expect an updated timeline sometime in the coming week.

    Thank you for your time!

Useful Links from the Past Week

Recording from Discussion on November 18th:

Gridcoin 4.0-2018 November 18th Discussion

@hotbit's CBR Specific Proposal:

Gridcoin Production Supply Proposals Discussion

@jringo's CBR+Beacon Mint Proposal:

Pure PoR Transition

Gridcoin Community Hangout #44:

Gridcoin Community Hangout #44

Original Article:

Gridcoin Research 4.0 Proposals and Preliminary Polls


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