Gridcoin in 2nd place after the first day of the WCG Thor Challenge... send cycles to WCG!

in gridcoin •  4 months ago 

This is the fourth year of the WCG Thor Challenge hosted by Crunchers Sans Frontier. It is also the first year that Gridcoin is participating in the challenge. We are currently in 2nd place. We are getting beat by team OByte... by more than 2 times the number of computing years!

The competition runs for the next 5 weeks. This first phase runs until September 15th. To participate all you need to do is crunch any WCG project for these weeks.

The temperatures are dropping for many of us and the extra rigs are starting to fire up. Why not start them off with a nice WCG competition warm-up... or... throw everything you have at WCG for the next five weeks and let's pull off a W for team Gridcoin.

Crunch on, my friends, crunch on!

Phase 1 Challenge Rankings

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