Awesome work, @joshoeah ! It is really great to have the EPS files to work with as well ... talking about "working with" these files: maybe it would be a good idea to include some explicit information about the licence you have in mind for usage rights (if you ask me: best as open as possible) ... anyway ... let's make good use of this and give Gridcoin the push in popularity that it deserves compared to all these virtual ICOs about potential crowdcomputation chains in the future that somehow manage to convince so many people to invest ... :)

Thank you! I'll include some usage rights information, my intention was for it to be as open as possible :).
Couldn't agree more, Gridcoin is overdue a well deserved push!

Perfect; thank you for the update!

Hi @joshoeah great work and easy to use. Thanks alot will make good use of it ;)

Thanks @jedigeiss :) glad to be of assistance! Let me know if you need anything that's not included in these packs.

Great work @joshoeah! If you agree, I'll grant you 'standard access' to our AdWords account, so that you can use some of this stuff to rebrand and improve our banners there (and overall performance of our ad campaigns).

Thanks @vortac! I'll be looking at banners and basic online advertising next, so access to the AdWords account would be great once the designs are done to get them pushed out there. Can't wait to get stuck in :)

Really nice graphics. thank you :) I like the first one, it would make an excellent background. The animated one catches my eye too.

Nice work joshoeah :)
I used the new logo as background for my phone.

Nice! I'll try to work up some cool backgrounds when I get the time :)

No pink logo? No dev posts then!

Haha I'll hook you up with a delightful pink logo if you like ;)

Pink.... meh lol

Nice work! Thanks for the efforts. I will put them to good use when I can. Slight remark (don't want to be harsh): the animated one is a bit pixelated.

Good catch! It looks like it hasn't scaled properly, I'll get that sorted this morning :)
Edit: Sorted! Turns out Steemit doesn't play nice with transparent gifs.. how odd.

Thanks for your hard work!

No problem!

Nice to see that coinmarketcap is already using the new logo. It looks good

Yeah, I spotted that! It may well be that the other exchanges organically follow suit :) if not, then I'm sure we can contact them directly with the updated files.

I really like them, well done! :)
When I first was this one:

I thought: Why not get rid of the first G in Gridcoin and use the logo for that :)

Thanks @thorondor! I did try excluding the G, but it unfortunately looked quite unbalanced :( In the end I favoured keeping the full name in the selected font (Source Sans Pro) for legibility, along with the logo for branding.

It works quite nicely in a solid colour too - you can see it in use over on our subreddit!

Yes, you are right.
The banner with the gradient is pretty nice as well :)

This one?


It looks pretty nice! The colours may not be exactly the same as on the subreddit due to the way that one works, but feel free to use it if you'd like :)

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