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Poll: [Whitelist] Should the project Distributed Hardware Evolution Project (DHEP) be whitelisted?

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Don't worry CM I will use the enter key on this comment/post

Gridcoinian's this project concerns me. I did a quick check at stats looking for the top 20.
As usual the normal and typical users had RAC and Credit scores. So I thought I would check
a few work units on each of my blades and my blades only to see if single core or multicore work units and wu runtimes. My blades are HP BL460c Gen7's since I upgraded from my Gen 6's and they changed pci-express interfaces between Gen 7 and Gen 8 so unless I learn and setup TCP/IP over Fiber ATM I need to order the $12.95ea NIC's for my 32 core Gen 8's so I am limited with the specs of 4 x Xeon X5650 12 core 24 thread CPU's with 192gb ram and 15k SAS drives , Windows 7 , Ubuntu 18.04 on 2 and Slackware 14.2 ( only machine with 144gb ram since slapping 12 x 16gb DDR3 sticks adds up and I have a pile of 8's so 4 blades ( 1335w ) with run times on this project of 19-21days WTF???
So the way the RAC system in Boinc's statistics along with the way Gridcoin payment works this project
could be a real screw up to add to the whitelist or since its already a major land slide most likely without 95% of the voters checking out the project , you know like attach and actually run it instead of being a follower with " WTFBBQ A new CPU ONLY PROJET ZOMG!!! lemmings like most project add/remove votes. Do some damn exploration and actually check out #1 applications and what they have compiled to run on what , download a work unit or a few and run them checking if they error out and how long they take to run , how much ram each WU takes up etc FFS.
Your MAG will go UP and DOWN as your machine , faster or slower crunches the current work with what ever time periods ( I could see my M540 I5 quad core laptops at most likely 60-90 day run times per each WU ). This will effect your daily earnings as it goes down fast and comes back up slow.

I can't even see processing the current downloaded work units as a test and
to get RAC and on the charts pre-whitelist seeing as its a massive YES by a landslide.
Unless we get some whales to vote NO after this possible oversight , although I know my xeons are not bleeding edge you MUST have bleeding edge apparently to have even 2-7 day run times depending on your budget and Rizon 1500+ or a 1900+ and who knows how much ram.

I was in hopes this would be a new CPU only project to crunch and something new to move over to before the pools overtake it but the pools and ballers whom get the newest hardware as it comes out is all this project is for.

Big thumbs down for us not having a checks and balance for the whitelisting ( or real a automated integrated greylist ) of projects and seeing as team members have ran work units its known how long these WU take and what they just DGAF? FYI , I voted NO and we really need to create a foundation instead of being a cult/clique following look at the value of Gridcoin and how it has tanked since jrgringo and whom ever else took over marketing and spamming etc we have done lower and lower and lower. Before the 2017 4th of July Hack and Hire 15kGRC was @ $5,000 and now 25k GRC is worth about $330. Maybe like @peppernrino has been saying this whole time " democracy doesn't work everywhere , try it in a mental institution " and take the vote system and change it so its a voice from the community as a suggestion to the foundation for the community , but the foundation a group of the magic number 8 I am sure would do these checks on projects ( thank god we dgaf about projects and ssl ) but the team could do what I said above , check into a proposed project since obviously users are not and check it out on a wide range of hardware ( including mac and osx ) so xeon's and rizon's and then a bunch of i3 , i5 and i7s and slowly i9's. This team would also have to have bleeding edge video cards , look at the RTX2080 coming out and many users have multi R and GTX series along with what ever Intel tags along behind with and looking at many of the teams video cards we have GTX750ti's-GTX1080ti's along with Nvidea Titan V & X's along with Voltas. Unfortunately due to over time ignorance of relying on a democratic vote system we can't put this together without using the vote system but we need this team and to start forming a real foundation, giving Gridcoin more to stand on as beliefs and interaction with the outside world showing what we stand for and promoting along with putting the kibosh on un-needed expenses or invalid payments for going over the same code over and over like a car tech with the same client bringing in the same car with the same problem and " fixing it " with duct tape just to fix it multiple times latter..
Again everybody within the currency's communities have their own agenda , you can try to deny it but we are not here to make boyfriend/girlfriend let alone friendships we are here to crunch Boinc and earn Gridcoin along with what ever ideas/projects and motives we might have on the side and everybody has them.
So we need to control this BS so oversights like this doesn't happy , so WL and crunch this project if you want to watch you mag Grow real fast on each WU completion and then fall even faster within the 19-90 days of crunching that 1 work unit per machine so you can go for example from 0 to 25 and watch it fall to 0 and as long as you have other machines turning in work units maybe watch it go back to 25 but I doub't it. This project is a bad fit for Gridcoin , especially slower machines with more than 180 day run times ( pi's come to mind ) and you won't even get compensated for your work.
The only other way it could work is if Boinc reports the checkpoints constantly multiple times per day to report where you are , but you can then just delete it before finished and never turn in a single work unit and still top the charts.

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Whoa there...

I find that RAC increases just as expected, even if aborting WUs. In fact, this project seems to have an even smoother ramp as credit is granted in frequent increments rather than after successful WU completion and validation.

My 10 year old MacBook and Celeron N3150 are hardly cutting edge WU devouring monster beasts, but they're doing just fine. Even when "limited" to 96 Xeon threads you should pretty much own this project.

May I suggest the following post - it may help allay your concerns:

The takeaway (TL;DR):

o Credit is awarded hourly for processing done within workunits.
o Workunits are placeholder dummies of non-defined duration with no required validation.
o Percentage progress can be ignored as is meaningless for tasks of non-defined duration.