Happy New Year 2018 and Celebrating achieving 2,000,000,000 cobblestones on BOINC

in #gridcoin5 years ago

I just passed the 2B milestone on BOINC right before the New Year. In celebration I have rained 2000 GRC to all active GRC researchers that have an address in the latest magnitude report. The GRC was rained in proportion to payment magnitude.


Happy New Year 2018



I was wondering where that rain came from! Thank you for your generousity towards the community, and a massive congrats on the 2 billion cobblestones! =)

How long have you been involved with BOINC? Are you one of the SETI fossils that walk among us too?

Yes indeed! I started July 28, 1999 on the original pre-BOINC SETI client! :)

Oh wow - that's awesome! I was just a wee 7 year old back then.

Can't image the pain of running a distributed compute network on 90s dial-up...

IIRC I had just gotten DSL at the time, replacing dual channel ISDN. :)


Happy New Year and some great discoveries in 2018!

Awesome, congrats on achieving such a milestone! And thanks for the rain!

Grats! And thanks for the rain. I had been looking for a post about it since I received it. Very generous of you.

I am sitting at only ~30 million credits, mostly on [email protected] 2 billion is very impressive.

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