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We are releasing a small maintenance leisure release to correct a few compilation problems on some platforms, and address a few corner-case issues that were already addressed on the hotfix branch, plus some other corner-case technical changes.

The most visible highlight of this release is the fixing of the display of transactions with messages prior to the hard-fork point and the new wallet backup file retention maintenance functionality.

[] 2020-09-20, leisure


  • wallet, rpc: Implement backup file management functionality #1735 (@jamescowens)
  • build: Add support for building with musl and Alpine Linux #1866 (@cyrossignol)
  • rpc: Display local IP addresses in "getnetworkinfo" output #1884 (@cyrossignol)


  • refactor: Implement std::atomic_bool OutOfSyncByAge #1877 (@jamescowens)
  • net: Optimize locator construction for "getblocks" messages #1880 (@cyrossignol)
  • refactor: Combine GetOrphanRoot() and WantedByOrphan() functions #1883 (@cyrossignol)
  • refactor: Convert beacon and backup timers to scheduled jobs #1885 (@cyrossignol, @jamescowens)
  • refactor: Rename "neural network project-wide #1886 (@cyrossignol)


  • collection of post Fern hotfixes (@jamescowens):
    • Change QDateTime::toSecsSinceEpoch() to QDateTime::toMSecsSinceEpoch()
    • Change QDateTime::fromSecsSinceEpoch() to QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch()
    • Ensure boost placeholders are compatible
    • Fix subtle bug in GetEstimatedStakingFrequency
  • test, ci: xenial support #1867 (@div72)
  • lib: Fix compatibility with Boost 1.74 #1869 (@theMarix)
  • test: Fix tests for _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS #1870 (@cyrossignol)
  • util: fix Windows API for default data directory with wide characters #1871 (@cyrossignol)
  • gui: Fix OP_RETURN filter to avoid hiding transactions with messages #1873 (@cyrossignol)
  • net: Fix stalled blockchain progression #1876 (@cyrossignol)
  • superblock: Fix regression for superblock builder optimization #1881 (@cyrossignol)
  • util: Fix scheduler crash after waking from sleep #1888 (@cyrossignol)

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