Gridcoin "Ernestine" Release

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Wait you say? Another "E" milestone release? Yes, indeed! There is so much going into Fern, and we were originally going to do a hotfix only, but we decided to do a release with the hotfixes and most of the non-mandatory stuff for Fern in a second "E" milestone. So, enjoy Ernestine.

Thanks to the core devs and the testers under @barton26 for testing the post Elizabeth code and the release candidates!

Some highlights worth mentioning:

  • Random shuffle of sidestake entries if more than six are specified to allow more than six entries to sidestake.
  • Multisig tools for easier multisig administration
  • Port of Bitcoin "Peers" tab and port of Bitcoin banning manager
  • Selection of smallest rather than random UTXO's to send contracts (beacons and votes)
  • Handle the missing external CPID in client_state.xml which was causing some people to not show as researchers
  • Support boost 1.70+ for the newest Arch and others moving to ultra new boost versions.
  • Lots of other stuff to set the stage for Fern that isn't visible on the surface yet.

Here is the changelog:

[] 2019-10-22, leisure, "Ernestine"


  • Add testnet desktop launcher action for Linux #1516 (@caraka)
  • Shuffle vSideStakeAlloc if necessary to support sidestaking to more than 6 destinations #1532 (@jamescowens)
  • New Superblock format preparations for Fern #1526, #1542 (@jamescowens, @cyrossignol)
  • Multisigtools
    • Consolidate multisig unspent #1529 (@iFoggz)
    • Scanforunspent #1547 (@iFoggz)
    • consolidatemsunspent and scanforunspent bug fix #1561 (@iFoggz)
  • New banning misbehavior handling and Peers Tab on Debug Console #1537 (@jamescowens)
  • Reimplement getunconfirmedbalance rpc #1548 (@jamescowens)
  • Add CLI switch to display binary version #1553 (@cyrossignol)


  • Select smallest coins for contracts #1519 (@iFoggz)
  • Move some functionality from miner to SelectCoinsForStaking + Respect the coin reserve setting + Randomize UTXO order #1525 (@iFoggz)
  • For voting - if url does not contain http then add it #1531 (@ifoggz)
  • Backport newer serialization facilities from Bitcoin #1535 (@cyrossignol)
  • Refactor ThreadSocketHandler2() Inactivity checks #1538 (@iFoggz)
  • Update outdated checkpoints #1539 (@barton2526)
  • Change needed to build Gridcoin for OSX using homebrew #1540 (@Git-Jiro)
  • Optimize scraper traffic for expiring manifests #1542 (@jamescowens)
  • Move legacy neural vote warnings to debug log level #1560 (@cyrossignol)
  • Change banlist save interval to 5 minutes #1564 (@jamescowens)
  • Change default rpcconsole.ui window size to better support new Peers tab #1566 (@jamescowens)


  • Remove deprecated RSA weight and legacy kernel #1507 (@cyrossignol)


  • Clean up compiler warnings #1521 (@cyrossignol)
  • Handle missing external CPID in client_state.xml #1530 (@cyrossignol)
  • Support boost 1.70+ #1533 (@iFoggz)
  • Fix diagnostics failed to make connection to NTP server #1545 (@Git-Jiro)
  • Install manpages in correct system location #1546 (@Git-Jiro)
  • Fix ability to show help and version without a config file #1553 (@cyrossignol)
  • Refactor QT UI variable names to be more consistent, Fix Difficulty default #1563 (@barton2526)
  • Fix two regressions in previous UI refactor #1565 (@barton2526)
  • Fix "Owed" amount in output of "magnitude" RPC method #1569 (@cyrossignol)

Very nice :D
getunconfirmedbalance is a great addition to the rpc so I can now quickly see incoming unconfirmed transactions.
The peers tab is also a handy addition.
Thank You!!

Thanks Gridcoin Devs!

Very impressive. Thank you all!

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