So, what do you think it will happen with Gridcoin price from now on?

in gridcoin •  9 months ago

Gridcoin has already experienced 4 spikes on price, which are much more obvious if you use the logaritmic view.

My personal prediction is that it will keep on bleeding slowly , but it wont reach 0.08$ dollar barrier, and from then on, steady growth. (it will surely help if by that time Openledger have fixed their Gateway ...) .

I dont really have any basis for this prediction besides past trends, but all predictions that dont include insider information are bullshit anyway, since they only match the future because people invest according to the predictions. (so its still good to follow them).

I did this post more to hear your opinions than to expose mine, so bring it on (but keep the feets on earth)

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1 GRC = 0.42 BTC by the end of 2019!


Yeah, I also think BTC will crash :p

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