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RE: Gridcoin Monthly Report - January 2019

in #gridcoin2 years ago

Great job, nice info graphics!

For the next edition I would change colours in stats tables so they match overall aesthetics. Search paletton or interactive color wheel to easily find sets of matching colours based on the leading one.

Looking forward to see next edition of this report!


Personally I think only graphs here would suit it much better and to leave all the raw data to the SOTN posts. Nonetheless the rest is absolutely amazing!

Yes, you are right! Maybe just four or so data points, like

  • total active crunchers + active crunchers growth last month
  • ...
  • ...

Interesting, and I agree with you.

One the next infographic, I will only include some graphs such as the number of active nodes, number of transactions, computational power... instead of the raw numbers

Thanks for the feedback