Gridcoin Network Development Budget - Discussion

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Please treat below draft proposal as an invitation to discussion and brainstorming.

Note. Concerns about negative impact on GRC exchange rate regarding use of foundation fund. These concerns are exaggerated.

  • First, part of the payments would be sent directly in GRC and developers etc. who have faith in the project would not dump all coins on exchanges.
  • Second and more important - wisely spent funds by team investors have faith in on clearly defined projects have POSITIVE impact on exchange rate. Examples: Stellar, Neo and Dash each have reached market capitalization close to $10B USD.
  • Third, markets love to know future and would receive this knowledge in the form of budget planning - they would accept and adapt immediately.


Blockchain territory is a very dynamic area and nothing can be taken for granted. Today’s outsider can become tomorrows leader and vice-versa. There are several projects in distributed computing realm that have in disposal dozens of millions of dollars allocated to blockchain development and marketing. If we start a serious discussion now and prepare proper policies, we could start the first proper budget year in April 2018.

I have created a simulation in a spreadsheet with budget based on the following assumptions.

Budget year starts on 6th April.

  • Current fund = 37 M GRC
  • First year budget = 7.2 M GRC
  • Next year budget = 20 per cent of the GRC value held on 1st April.
  • Additional 5 % possible to spend in case of emergency (i.e. exchange rate dives during the year)
  • Fund income: interest = 1.5% + 1 million from tax
  • 2018 average exchange rate 1GRC = 0.2USD
  • GRC is rising 20% a year (this is rather unrealistic, but used for general feel of the coming years in this draft)

Budget is divided between:

  • development fund (30%)
  • science support fund (40%)
  • miscellaneous – marketing, legal, side projects … (30%)

Where possible, payments would be in GRC.

With the above assumptions total budget for this year would allow to pay at least 5 full time developers (at the rate of $50 USD / h - in total close to half a million USD) and around $0.5M could be spent on each of the other two sub-funds (science and miscellaneous). After 10 years foundation fund would still held ~10 million GRC, thus proposed model is sustainable.

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This is very similar to the proposals under discussion on the github found here.

Let's work together!

= )

hopefully sustainable and more successful what has been planned to go ahead and grow

1.34% @pushup from @hotbit

@hotbit's proposal has some assumptions about GRC exchange rates that I think are overly optimistic.

I'm not sure is a tax system is best, but either way, it would not exist in time for a 2018 budget.

Dumping 20% of the foundation wallet into payments every year would destroy GRC value.

Developers full-time compensation, rather than hourly, is very premature, and would squander funds.

I like that we are having budget discussions, but I think we can be a little lighter, and a little less rigid.