Google Trends Revisited

in gridcoin •  3 months ago

It's already a year I have published a post on BOINC and Gridcoin in Google trends, I thought it's worth to check it out again.


BOINC is in a slow downtrend, while interest in Gridcoin had some ups in 2017, but quickly diminished in 2018. It is quite interesting to look into second half of 2017. Long term BOINC downtrend seems to be pushed back up by growing interest in Gridcoin. There is correlation and I expect also cause-effect mechanism, I doubt it's only a coincidence. After Gridcoin lost its momentum interest in BOINC went further down to 5 year lows.

Above weakness is confirmed by BOINC site itself.

Active users128,143129,021178,224238,559235,315
Computing power PetaFLOPS36.434.221.911.28.5

There is a positive aspect, too. Network computing power is growing and reached over 30 PetaFLOPS in December 2018.

Interestingly, today on 5/01/19 BOINC reports whooping 169 PetaFLOPS! I wonder whether it's some bug or some powerful party joined some projects? EDIT: Updated table with more consistent data from 6/01/19.

For comparison, until last year most powerful supercomputer was benchmarked at around 125 PetaFLOPS, and Summit supercomputer launched in 2018 dwarfs others at 200 PetaFLOPS. Will you guess what operating system runs on these supercomputers?


Both BOINC and Gridcoin communities need to start thinking out of the box to turn around these underwhelming trends.

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