Start tipping on Reddit

in gridcoin •  22 days ago

Recently our valued community member @sau412 introduced the Gridcoin Reddit Tipbot here. And I encourage you all to tip users that ask good questions, provide useful information or similar.

It won't cost you much and it will help to keep a healthy and happy Reddit Gridcoin Community. I myself started tipping 1 GRC for every good answer on Reddit =) Hope many of you will join me on this journey.

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Pretty cool, but the last tip bot on irc/reddit run by sepulcher disappeared with user deposits 🤦‍♂️


I think that was before I was active...
I think it's best to keep only small amount in the tipbot and withdraw it from time to time.


Multisig wallets could help there, but they are difficult to average user. And error in transaction leads to losing all funds.