Massive update for!

in gridcoin •  18 days ago

Normally I write here to collect donations for the Gridcoin faucet from Today I want to show you the big update that the site got! But see for yourself.


The dashboard shows all sorts of data around the Gridcoin blockchain: current blockheight, transaction count, total supply and more...

Address Explorer

The address explorer allows you to get the balance of any Gridcoin address you want. Just like the block explorer =)


And probably the most visited page of is of course the faucet =)

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This is really great ... Why don't you use the support from Utopian (development category)? You just need to set a few things, and the incentives will help you to develop the website and add more features.

Well done @grinder123


Good idea. Need to have a look how Utopian exactly works =)

Awesome! Does it cost much to keep a site like that up and running?


I pay about $200 a year for hosting =)


Respect! Thanks for providing the service :)


Find a cheaper hosting then.


Haha yeah maybe there are cheaper ones out there =)
But it's a hoster I trust.

It looks beautiful 😮

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Dude that looks super slick. Very nice!


Thanks =)

Looks amazing! Great work

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Too bad, the Address Explorer has returned the value zero, does not work.


Can you give me an address that didn't work?
It works for me...