Evaluation of my Gridcoin survey

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Results of Gridcoin Survey

In my last post I asked you to quickly fill out my survey about Gridcoin. Thanks to the 79 people that filled out the survey!
In this post I'm going to present you the interesting results.

How did you hear about Gridcoin?

Most of us heard of Gridcoin through a search engine. But advertising on Boinctstats.com is also highly effective and about 21 % came to Gridcoin through boincstats!

When did you first hear about Gridcoin?

Almost half of our users are fairly new to Gridcoin! I think most of our long-term users are less active on steemit and other forums. This is why their participation seems so low in this survey.

Have you heard of Boinc before knowing Gridcoin?

Most of our users (85 %) already knew Boinc! But it's great to see we brought some new users to Boinc.

Have you already donated your computing power before knowing Gridcoin?

Most of our users already donated their computing power.

Are you mining Gridcoin?

I'm glad to see 94 % use their computing power to support scientific research. Can we reach 95 % ? ;)

Have you ever bought Gridcoins?


How do you inform yourself about Gridcoin? (Updates etc)

This is the most interesting part of the survey I think. Most of our users use Reddit to inform themself about Gridcoin. We should keep this in mind and not just post on steemit but also on Reddit.

Are you mining other coins then Gridcoin?

Nothing more to say here. Most of our users only do Boinc work!


As from my perspective the Gridcoin community mainly consists of long-term BOINCer and science enthusiasts. As a large part of the community uses Reddit and Twitter to keep up to date we should not forget to post about Gridcoin there.
Thanks again to all who filled out this survey and keep on crunching!


Better BOINCing than mining!!!

Thanks for doing all the work on this! As someone new to Gridcoin I missed out on the survey. But I found out about it doing a Google search and I previously used Boinc. I think this coin is one of the more worthwhile ones and can make real change for the world!

Cool :) Glad you're on board. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

These kinds of surveys are great to do occasionally. They give some insight into the impact and scope of Gridcoin that otherwise might be difficult to discern! The only challenge is that the people who check Reddit and Steem frequently enough to see and complete the survey constitute a somewhat biased sample. But, I think the above stats are illuminating from a qualitative point of view!

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Nothing surprising in the source of info questions. I feel like Steemit is an ivory tower type situation that from my perspective only attracts a limited group of people. The sheer fact that I had to wait something like several days or more between submitting my request for membership and getting approval smacks of inadequacy.

I'd rather read Reddit any day of the week vs steemit once a month.