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RE: Gridcoin 4.0-2018 General Roadmap Poll - Receiving Earned Research Rewards

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Personally, I think there is little reason to implement either superblock payouts or Manual Earned Research Reward Claims yet - development attention should be focused elsewhere for the time being. At the moment I will be voting "No". I am open to being convinced I'm wrong; change my view...


To expand on @tomasbrod's point, this is a poll gauging interest regarding the quest to get earned research rewards to users without them having to stake a block. If there is a yes vote, the goal to "find a way to get ERR to users other than staking a block" (or something similar) will be put on the general 2018 roadmap with a reference to the results of this poll. Where it is put on the roadmap will be a matter of discussion for developers. The results of this poll will help inform developers as to which idea, if any (or both), is generally supported by the community.

If you think that we do not need to find a new way to get ERR to users in 2018, vote no.
If you think we do, vote yes with your preferred option.

I may be misunderstanding: Do you mean that ERR distribution should not be an issue for 2018? If so, forget everything I've said. = ) I will express my opinion in another post, I just want to make sure there is no confusion here.

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I should have been more clear in my comment as I'm aware that these polls are to gauge community interest in looking into these areas. Upvoted both your comments for clarity. ... However, I do mean that (in my mind) it should not be an issue for 2018.

I think here begins some dangerous misunderstanding. I thought, voting no on this poll means that you reject the idea of "claiming rewards aside from staking" altogether.
It is not only about our understanding, but also affects how results can be interpreted.

I agree, I think the best use of resources is to make the wallet rock solid stable and to create a light wallet such as crt's project.