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Hello Gridcoin Community!

As I noticed my posted into Gridcoin have good attention, so I decided to post about new Token Released.
Because Gridcoin community is based around Research, I think somebody might be interested in supporting Geopolitical Research.

Today I released GEOPOLITICAL token on WAVES platform
More info is here:

Tokens are for sale at around 1 USD per token
At current rate it's around 29.64 GRC

But specially for GRC community I would be happy to give opportunity to get tokens with GRC
It can be as the rate of 25 GRC per token)

In case somebody wants to support the project,
My GRC address is: S496n1MLszAYMdgfkmcTpRxEb7gCP2L9Mu

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I fail to see how this is related to Gridcoin. You will get attention from the gridcoin community if you post something related to gridcoin. This is not, it's about something else. You're offering to function as an exchange yourself?


That's the token which I released) Yes I can exchange these tokens to Gridcoin.
I see by small amount of upvotes that this post was not so relevant.
Just thought because it's about Geopolitical research - some Gridcoin users might be interested in this

Sir , I try not to put people down or troll forums but I personally cannot let this sit on the web apparently attached to GRC and being traded for GRC. Buddy , look I will sell you my sperm cells for $18.20 per cell so that is roughly at an exchange of todays rate of $1,000,000,000 ( evil villain laugh ) . Look , it is great you are into BOINC and part of the Gridcoin community but this thing you created is not Gridcoin nor can it be compared or related to on the same level , you created what would be a contract on another blockchain ( gridcoin is our block chain and the coin is called gridcoin ) and you earn it by processing BOINC work units. This here has no monitory or imaginary value , its like me trying to sell my semen @ 18.2gb batches and $18.20 USA each in the above example. I am not trying to be mean , I am trying to explain the difference and try and help you along with any possible confusion. I like you excitement and your love for Gridcoin but this seems more steemit spam then my trolling post. :(


You are doing comment spam or you try yourself in gansta-rap? ))