Were you on a Gridcoin fork ? So, have you tried repairwallet yet ?

in #gridcoin4 years ago (edited)

"After a few reports of peoples coins going missing or stolen due to a fork..." (see here)

So, go ahead and type in your Gridcoin wallet's !debug console: 

  • repairwallet 

You might see e.g. fields 

  • 'mismatched spent coins' or 'amount affected by repair'

then restart your wallet afterwards, and you should see your missing coins now.

If you just see: 

  • "wallet check passed": true

then all seems fine...

Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)


If repairwallet does not help you, please see also this bug/workaround #675.

That's a useful tool. I used repairwallet a few weeks ago with the hash of a conventional block created a few hours before the fork (see doc on IRC). So much simpler than snapshot!

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