topic voting for: Gridcoin Hangout #001

in #gridcoin5 years ago (edited)

2 days have passed, and (only) 7 people (A) took the time to vote on the topic agenda for the hangout (B).
I will keep below list updated!

4th Generation BOINC credit system (6 votes)

5 votes each:
Gridcoin roadmap
Magnitude+Balance voting type: Magnitude weight unbalanced?
Magnitude multiplier
team membership
whitelist change of allowed projects for Gridcoin

4 votes each:
Brainstorm ideas for new BOINC projects
new developpers search
marketing activities

3 votes each:
competition/challenges: which ones? and rain?
DPOR feature extension
engagement mechanisms/incentives
introduction of users

communication media (2 votes)
mining + scalability for the end-user or miner (1 vote)

(A) cm-steem, erkan, fkinglag, gunde, scaletrix, skcin, vortac


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