SECURITY alert: GRCpool users -> change your passwords -> attack to bruteforce pwds

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Find updates on the situation here:

  • "attack has slowed down but is still active"


From Facebook:


I hoped to have more information gathered for  this, but I don't, and want to get the word out sooner than later. I  will be following up with more information in the next day or so.  I was notified from a pool member they received the email about their payout address changing without them initiating it

When investigating  that I noticed there is attack occurring on the login page trying to brute force passwords.  

At that time payouts and the ability to  change the payout address were disabled. They will likely remain  disabled through tomorrows payout as I continue to look at the records. 

I  added captcha to the login page immediatly so no more passwords could  be discovered. Furthermore, all traffic is being routed through Cloudflare. You might see some browser check messages as a result of  this. 

There are about 50 hits per second getting through to the server  still at this time. There are a couple accounts I have forced a  password reset on to error on the side of caution, which I will be  sending out individual emails about.  

If you had 2fa you  shouldn't have anything to worry about. Obviously the best bet is to change the password on the accounts if you have any concerns. I will be  adding a second layer of confirmation to accounts which do not use 2fa  in the future.  

Please do reach out to me if you have had some  unauthorized change on your account so I can add it to the search  profile for this as I look through logs and database records."

Read updates here, or check out @bgb and above Facebook and twitter


find updates on the situation here:

  • "attack has slowed down but is still active"

Thank you for the heads-up.