new release: Gridcoin version

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A new version was released: Gridcoin

For Windows users specifically:  

  • the new Windows installer is soon downloadable from here.
  • upgrade from within their client still "broken" (see this bug, you'll see a message like: "Unable to retrieve upgrade files from Azure cluster. Try to open port 1433")

All other users:  

  • can find the source code here, OR: 
  • upgrade from their used location (e.g. package managers, once the  responsible person for those package managers made the new version  available)

Changes in this version are (more detailed here and changelog):  

  • security: voting system more secure, and more
  • beacon fixes (with a beacon you are able to receive rewards/coins)
  • command "execute unspentreport" available (shows proof of unspent coins in wallet)
  • translations added

Please tell us when you experience problems!  


Excellent work, the new UI looks good.

"voting system more secure"

Does this mean the voting is fixed? If so we should redo the Enigma whitelist poll.

There's still one more thing that needs to be fixed :(

Great re-compiling on Raspberry Pi now :)

Upgrade in wallet works now.

Thanks for the update!
Unfortunately the link for the MSI installer points still to the old version...

thanks for the notice...
there's some delay, so I added now "soon" to there

I just got report that the msi was the new version for someone else

please retry (in case still same issue: you could deinstall or which version you have and install the new msi)

It's also a good opportunity now to make a !backup

The terms above starting with ! are commands which the fediverse-bot accepts and provides further info on
(see point I. here )

My bad! Deinstalled the old version and now everything works!
Sorry for the circumstances.

Before this update the wallet used between 10% and 30% of my CPU (i5-3230m). Now it floats between 0.5% and 3%. Crazy good improvement. No reason not to stake 24/7 now. By the way, I had to uninstall and then install the new version to get it to work.

after staking, cpu usage returned to what it used to be

A fix for this should be included in the next version.

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