MANDATORY Gridcoin version (block #860500)

in gridcoin •  2 years ago

Unfortunately, the last mandatory version didn't fix the issue (so our main dev), thus:

  • please get the new Gridcoin version from here or:
  • upgrade from within your client (e.g. restart your client on Windows).

After upgrading, check that you're on the correct chain:

in your wallet's debug console, type: getblockhash 860182 => that should give you hash = b6c9060c9405b330874ad218d8ebc78196f458a6f4e9d6e964db4a7eb672290b

Changes in this version are (info):

  • Resolve syncing problem with beacon business logic.
  • Mandatory upgrade block : 860500 

Please tell us when you experience problems, 

also: when you were stuck before (out-of-sync) and it works with this new version.

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Thx for yesterday's ranking: #28 of 80

Wallet upgraded, synced and running nicely on Windows :D

Here's a hash to compare, for after the mandatory upgrade block (#860500):

  • getblockhash 860630
    • you should get this hash: 7a8b8397616f41c046a7404c22e6671bd8cdb4a223b9d83cbd2cfcbd353491d3

getblockhash 862416 => hash = 266a49d817f3fea63ce39a3394394886f8b3bc28291012bd7e7262f6ac238e92

Have had something interesting occur. After I did the upgrade Friday I left my wallet open to synch. I received 29 transactions, 10 for interest between Friday evening and Sunday morning. Most of these had received >120 confirmations before I ran What is interesting: now that I am fully back in synch, none of those transactions exist in my wallet. Can someone offer an explanation? I have my full appdata files copied prior to

  1. make a !backup first of these files
  2. try in !debug console: repairwallet (see e.g. if you get values in fields 'mismatched spent coins', 'amount affected by repair' and then restart your wallet afterwards)
  3. also verify your hash: currently block 861484 has hash = 8­a­9­5­e­2­9­a­d­a­8­6­d­e­1­3­2­8­4­6­0­f­5­f­5­5­5­3­9­8­c­5­d­d­5­e­2­f­a­4­3­e­5­9­c­5­3­c­f­e­6­a­9­8­0­b­5­5­f­5­b­7­d­3

The terms above starting with ! are commands which the fediverse-bot accepts and provides further info on

(see point I. in )


Thank you! Will try. I am in synch and getting new blocks. Hashes match. I did notice once about an hour ago that my current block was >500 greater than what I saw in block explorer. I also had a POR award appear in my wallet and then disappeared in the last hour.

Are you again out-of-sync in this version ? (meaning you get no new blocks)

Please see here


Everything appears to be operating as usual under At least until I got the POR award that disappeared. Possible it just failed in confirmation process?


yes, could be possible. more would be viewable perhaps via the !debug.log (e.g. when you remember roughly the time, look at that part in the log)