help Gridcoin: run the dev version of the wallet please

in gridcoin •  last year

It would help Gridcoin a lot when you run the dev version of the wallet.

You can find the code repository for it and the commits here.

See here how to run/install it. Thanks!

Keep in mind: 

  • It is a dev version, so don't use it yet on your live wallet... If you have a spare PC, run it there first.
  • Check out existing bugs/ideas or report new ones in the bugtracker.

If you are interested in what to look at/test first:

@ravonn posted here recent changes:

... here's what has happened in the dev branch since the last hangout.

Also a shoutout to everyone who helps the development by providing test data, doing code reviews and leaving feedback on github.

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If you don't want to compile yourself, in 12 days it will be easier for you:

Please run the dev wallet on testnet! Not on the production blockchain!