Gridcoin blocks created by a pre-mandatory + pre-v8 version (

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  In the last 100 Gridcoin blocks we had 2 blocks created by these version identifiers:

  • ClientVersion: / version: 8  
    • block 1057518 (oct 22, 08:35:44), by user: nounam
  • ClientVersion: / version: 8  
    • see also closed bug for more info
    • block 1057576, by user: FredericChopin

But the current mandatory is (released on 2017 August 26)  

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Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)


The "V8" mandatory version was So user nounam is ok. Versionstring has git commit hash in it, 2e58af1, which is the latest leisure release.

Apparently was marked mandatory too. Let me explain. had all the necessary things for v8, but the height at which first v8 block were accepted was erroneously set to 1010001 while the same version would begin creating v8 blocks at height 1010000. V8 was formally scheduled for 1010000. There were two alternatives to fix this. Either we change accept block to 10100000, which would require all exchanges and whales who already updated to .1 release to update again. Or move the miner block and the start of V8 one block up. The later change was released as The only downside was that nodes were not able to stake block 1010000.

see comment by @tomasbrod from above link:

  • "There is a check that prevents blocks with less version from entering, but the check for versionstring was removed (not helpful + caused problems). The script that detects git version and puts it into versionstring probably did not work (missing tags?), I already have an idea on how to improve it."

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