Gridcoin: All whitelist polls in July have ended, but: need to be repeated ?

in #gridcoin3 years ago

The 5 whitelist polls have ended (see picture)...

but... due to being "magnitude + balance" poll type used, I think the polls need to be repeated  !!

  • or at least be rejudged? when we have not a magnitude-zero situation anymore?

Please share your thoughts!


I don't agree that they need to be re-run.

Leiden, Sztaki & Sourcefinder were not anywhere close enough that it would have affected the vote.

There is an argument for Xansons and Enigma but it still doesn't look like much would changed looking at the votes. This is just my opinion however.

I agree that they do not need to be re-run. If someone thinks that the results were incorrect due to the fact that miners got a smaller say as a result of the Superblocks, then they can run that specific poll again down the line.

That being said, this is the first valid concern I have seen Erkan raise. As a result of the recent Superblocks I held off voting in the hope my magnitude would return to normal before the polls closed. As every mag unit is worth about 600 weight (vs 1 per GRC), current project exclusions have dropped my weight by over one million last I checked. I did not end up voting as the polls closed before all projects were restored, and wonder how many others were in a similar situation?

All said and done, I am happy with the overall poll results.

I concur that the polls do not need to be re-run. If users want the projects added/removed they should directly address the issues raised (No SSL, selective WU distribution, closed registration, etc).


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