Gridcoin wins 17th FORMULA BOINC sprint challenge (3-day-long: October 20-23, with TN-Grid)

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The 17th sprint challenge (from 20 total) by the FORMULA BOINC team will take place on:  

  • 10/20/2017 05:00 (UTC)  - 10/23/2017 04:59 (UTC) 
  •    with BOINC project TN-Grid
  • 21 BOINC teams joined this competition
  • team Gridcoin got 1st place in the 16th challenge

So... all Gridcoin users just need to crunch the WUs of project TNGrid... nothing more needed to help.

 You will find updated analysis/news when this sprint challenge starts in this posting:          

  • 21h before challenge start: 34 WUs available, 81k are in progress, see here
  • 16h before challenge: no WUs anymore, 89k in progress
  • 1.5h after challenge began: team Gridcoin leads with 68% of the credits (see pic below)
  • after 51h: Gridcoin leads with 62.6% of the credits
  • challenge ended: Gridcoin wins with 6.6 mio credits (=61.9% of all credits)

The top teams in the yearly stats, before the 16th challenge begins, are:    

  • 1 Gridcoin (1105 points)
  • 2 SETI.USA (725  = 65.6% of team Gridcoin)
  • 3 Czech National Team (655 points)

There are over 70 teams listed in the FORMULA BOINC, in 3 divisions.

Point distribution in sprint challenge:

  • 1st placed team in sprint challenge gets 25 Formula BOINC points
  • 2nd = 18 FB points
  • 3rd = 15 FB points
  • ...
  • 10th = 1 FB point

Other team challenges:  

Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)



And I was just planning to switch to TN-Grid to get easy Mag.

about "16h before challenge: no WUs anymore, 89k in progress", see also:

  • BOINC admin: "The way we produce work is rather complicated (computationally speaking), at the moment this is the maximum pace we can achieve."

It seems around the time this challenge ended, there began a decline in offered/processed WUs:

  • see here
  • right now there seems no new work offered

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