plantbreeding@home #3 - it is decided!

in gridcoin •  10 months ago

Dear plantbreeders,
we have our results: We will breed a small and sweet pepper! I will now search for suitable parents and order them. How exciting!   

I am already working on the posts about the scientific background on this project and expect to post an article roughly once per week. If you are intrested in particular topics just ask, I will try to cover them. For now your job is done, thank you so much for participation! There are still some spots left to participate, so if you have not signed up yet or if you know someone who would like to participate who is not on Steemit, just send me an Email:
Have a great week, you will hear from me soon!
- Dysprosium 

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Can you explain why this is posted in gridcoin?
Anyway, very interesting idea, following.


Hey tomasbrod,

here I'd like to refer to my first post: "Plant breeding with the Gridcoin-Community: Project "plantbreeding@home" "

Originally I had intended this project especially for the Gridcoin Community (therefore the title ;) ), but it rapidly evolved into a more broad audience, already including non-steemians. If it turns out to be not suitable for the Gridcoin category I can drop the tag, but I noticed that quite a number of people interested in the project are best reachable in "Gridcoin". Anyhow, as said, I will drop the tag if the Gridcoin-community deems this appropriate!

I definitely want to participate.
I just emailed you!


Very nice, I've already wondered! :)