PSA - Gridcoin WINDOWS Wallets, Please Update Your Wallets To Help the Network Stake Superblocks Reliably!

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UPDATE: A new wallet version has now been released. Please upgrade to v3.5.9.7 if you are running a Windows client.

A new wallet update has been released, which includes fixes with the aim of reliably staking Superblocks using Windows clients. Please update your client to version ASAP, which can be done from within the wallet's update menu. While this update is not fork mandatory, the more clients that are running, the quicker we should see a new Superblock.

A word from the original developer, Rob Halförd, on the current release:

It looks like we may finally see some improvement with the current superblock situation: The popular hash of d996 is gaining popularity quickly (execute neuralreport). We will probably stake one within a few hours.

All 24 projects are in d996, and the average magnitude is 44 (IE within range) and has an average project RAC of about 125000, so I see no reason for it to get rejected.

To clarify some of the misinformation that has been going around, no-one has lost any POR rewards at all, regardless of what project you have been crunching. The POR payout window until research payout is lost is 6 months, not 14 days. Please update your wallet, and continue to crunch your project of choice as normal.

To keep up to date with any further developments of the Superblock (or other Gridcoin news), I would suggest you join the official development channel on Slackchat, or the Github repo. Both of these are entirely transparent to everyone who wants to be involved.

If you have any questions, drop them below and I will do my best to help.

If you would like to get further involved, or to read up on what is going on with the network, you can check out the following further channels serving the Gridcoin network:

  • Gridcoin IRC - Join the linked channel, then register with NickServ using the instructions at the top of the page so you can join #Gridcoin. This is required to stop someone else stealing your nickname and the associated GRC.

  • Gridcoin Steemit - You are here already! =)

  • Gridcoin Homepage - The actively maintained and developed homepage of GRC globally.

  • Gridcoin Subreddit - Anything GRC related. The developers read the comments posted here, and will in all likelihood directly address any questions you pose within the day.

  • Gridcoin Forum and Main Thread - The ongoing megathread where you are most likely to find the original GRC developer Rob weighing in.

  • Gridcoin Twitter - Keep up to date with GRC news.

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Now, this is how a proper PSA post looks like. No FUD, no drama, all relevant info is included (with plenty of technical details for those who want to know more), presented in orderly and visually attractive manner. Reputation and rewards are following.


Thanks Vortac - I appreciate all the feedback and support! =)


I am gonna miss my daily dosage of FUD. 😧😧😧 Hope people will come up with some new non-issue to complain soon.

Great post with updates, explanations and quotes from thr developers. Great to see some well informed and visually thought through posts. Your doing a good job @dutch.

Making sure that correct information comes out is vital!


Thank you sc-steemit, your feedback is fantastic! =)


No, It's all yours @dutch :)

Already done, waiting with baited breath, thanks for the reminder @dutch, gonna upvote and re-steem it in a bit, keep visibility up :)


Fingers crossed ay. =)

Updated and running!
Lets hope, that all projects will be listed in SB!!!

If not, I'm gonna dump all my GRC to Poloniex...

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

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