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in gridcoin •  9 months ago

After I posted my first Gridcoin animation, the Steemit crowd gave a lot of great feedback. While most people seemed to like the overall result, other said it came across as too plain or were not a huge fan of the piano in the backing track.

Last night while discussing the new logo with @vortac we had a bit of a realisation that the hexagonal shape looks exactly like a cycloalkane. These are the monocyclic saturated hydrocarbons you may remember from organic chemistry at highschool. As such, without further ado, another Gridcoin introduction short inspired by organic chemistry:

For those that missed it, the original is here:

These videos are only accessible by direct link for now, but I will open them up to the general public once I have made adjustments and fleshed out the Youtube channel hosting them.

Content credit:
Header, @joshoeah
Footer, @me-shell


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I like the science in the second video better, also the music is better IMHO. But the first video ended with a clearly outlined symbol, the second doesn't. I like a clear visual pronunciation of the symbol.


I could easily change the second intro to have a solid, unanimated logo at the end.

That being said, I am personally very partial to the original animation. =)

Thank you for the feedback!


I like the first one better as well, I didn't really make that clear. But I like the science idea in the second video. A subtle indication of the idea behind the coin is a very nice idea. The first video looks more mechanical. I also like thing floating/turning around the symbol. There are lot's of science things that 'circle' around. Electrons around the nucleus, planets, time-space, circular processes, BOINC project symbols/reference floating/gravitating around, crunching number, ...


Good points - thank you!

I am looking forward to the final branding GRC will adopt.


Maybe it could like, become a real logo, zoom in (because right now it's very zoomed out) while the background fades to black, then underneath appears "gridcoin". Not that I could do anything like that....

Those are pretty cool!
As a chemistry student I really like the first one, however, as an official cinematic it seems a little bit too chemistry (and DNA) focused. The first version is way more general.
It needs to be added, that when people hear "science" they think exactly of the molecular shapes one sees in the 2nd cinematic. So both of them are great!

How did you make this second cinematic in just one night? that seems really fast! what software do you use for this? I am not familiar with any software doing such a thing so I am just interested.


For the newer one, 90% is cookie-cutter pieces of animation code that are crudely stuck together - either open source or I bought the rights to use them. It is not 100% from scratch, that would take days! Remember we also have very different timezones - I have had a full day here as it is now 9pm. =)

The 3D pieces are done in Solidworks and refined in Blender. I spent a lot more time on the original, which has more 3D content.

What level chemistry are you studying? I am a PhD student in biomedical engineering.


I am in at the end of my second year, doing my exams for two more weeks. This means I am studying organic reactions 10h a day for the next 4 days 😅. I hope to be able to go into the more computational chemistry part in the future, however, have to take organic and inorganic lectures for 3 more semesters at least.


I am studying organic reactions 10h a day for the next 4 days

If you make it through that, you can make it through anything!

this video is pure awesomenness. Keep up the good work :)

They're both really good but I think i like cinematic 1 better. The transition sweeps you're using in cinematic 2 feel slightly disorienting and I almost never get visually disoriented, maybe more time in between transitions or a different transition type?

dutch, I like both of them although the second doesn't have as refined a finish as the first. Perhaps you could change the ending of the second.

Also and I don't want to belabor the point, they do need to be shorter as intros.



I've got something rendering right now to try and address your (very valid) pointers.