Who's buying more Gridcoin when the exchanges open?

in #gridcoin3 years ago

With the hot fixes in test net, who else is planning on getting some Gridcoin when the exchanges open back up? I have been accumulating a bit of btc by mining through nice hash so that when the time comes I can help to support the price as well as get some cheap grc.

What are your predictions for the price movement of grc? My prediction is that there will be downward pressure initially since people need to pay for electricity and running costs and they have not been able to liquidate during the past month or so. Perhaps it will take a few weeks/months for grc to recover to pre-fork prices however if enough btc holders buy in quickly the chances of an extended depression on grc prices can be reduced.


Can easily be a x5 when exchanges opens, looking promising!

An upvote for such optimism!

I need to sell some to pay off my electricity bill :p but I'm a cruncher not a buyer. (I am mostly holding tho)

You can buy on bittrex, poloniex, and openledger right now actually. You just can't withdraw your coins until they bring their wallets online after the new wallet release.

I've already brought 5k GRC on polo, might get a little more later.

I am going to exchange some of DKK I have laying around to GRC.

Some people are predicting the regular trend we've seen but I'm curious to see whether its release back onto the exchange will ignite it:

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