Gridcoin Forking - A few good nodes?

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With the release of Gridcoin v3.7.5.0 there have been major forking issues with no fix reported yet. Even the page lists at least 3 different forks.

Can anyone list any nodes that they believe to be on the main chain? Ie. If you have a difficulty that is above 0.5 then that may indicate that you are on the main chain. If so, would you be able to look into your .conf file and share what nodes you are using? For example, what comes after addnode= in your gridcoinresearch.conf file?

I am trying to go through the list of nodes here to find one on the main chain after performing a reorganize command as described by @cautilus.

Hopefully by sharing we will be able to figure out the main chain and get more people on it. Although if the wallet is buggy we may have to continue to do this until the next release.

List nodes you've tried below in the comments section even if they haven't worked out!

So far with I was stuck on my own fork.

Note: it is probably necessary to rename or backup and delete your peers.dat if you plan on experimenting with different nodes


I have the following:

I'm currently on block 1150096 and have a (suspect) magnitude of 0.010, though it is in line with what is reporting.

I think the underlying issue relates to this: Forking due to beacon checks · Issue #893

Please note that the node is no longer active :)

You can also add the node which has the following address

Just wondering which is the node represented by
I noticed that Sonic and Tails seemed to be synced with a relatively high difficulty and the others are forked

Above address for the public node equals the node named Sonic at the moment.

I intend to make that address select between more nodes in the future.

I tried these nodes after renaming peers.dat:

Did not have much luck. I will try yours next.


Hi, I'm hosting and it's currently re-syncing. Fingers crossed that it joins the correct chain!

Having the same three nodes in my config and was only once on a fork (20180124).

Am really planing to get more more of this coin

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