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Project brief (Pb) is a segment of the Gridcoin Fireside where I will be talking about scientific projects apart of the BOINC network in simple terms.

Now this isn't a tutorial in computational molecular biology on simulating protein docking on virus cells, it's a simple and super fun experience in learning about what's out there and what you could be supporting with just the click of a button!

Join me live on the Gridcoin Fireside at September 12th 8:00pm EDT! (Check your timezone)

Who am I?

I'm Delta! An Australian programmer, technologist, blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, and self-proclaimed physicist.

I like to communicate things to people in the simplest way possible and teach people about the most interesting things that this universe has to offer.

You can find me on Discord where I hang out in the Gridcoin chat.

What's happening this Fireside?

On September 12th I will be opening the Fireside with a short explanation of the BOINC project World Community Grid (WCG).

The most well known problems globally are fighting cancer and disease. None of us know but maybe one day we might come down with one of these illnesses and need the help of science and medicine to grant us the rest of our lives that would otherwise lead to death.

Humanity is doing all they can to try and battle cancer and viruses, and we are now using computers as weaponry against these destructive forces. WCG is using the power of everyday computers globally to support this cause, and you could be one of them!

What is WCG?

WCG is a BOINC project run by IBM that aims to solve immediately applicable problems to the human race. Mainly they specialise in trying to cure disease and cancer but have done other applicable projects in the past.

The project is split into many different sub-projects. Currently running:

We will be covering [email protected] and Mapping Cancer Makers in this Pb segment!

Mapping Cancer Markers

Cancer markers are essentially any combination of code in genes, DNA or proteins that can be associated with some sort of cancer or genetic disease.

The aim of this project is to take millions upon millions of data samples of DNA codes and cancer codes and match them to each other to try and find patterns.

This allows for a lot of amazing things. We can now:

  • Associate genes to possible cancers
  • Predict how the cancer might progress in time
  • Determine the right treatment early in diagnosis

[email protected]

In 2004, there were over 40 Million reported cases of HIV and it is still increasing. The great thing about modern day is that we now know what this virus is, how it works and how to reduce the deaths it causes.

The annoying thing about viruses is that there really is no cure other than teaching your body how to defend it. We commonly use vaccines to treat it but the viruses evolve like all living things and find a way around it.

[email protected] does a similar process to [email protected] in simulating proteins, the only difference is that Rosetta folds and [email protected] docks. Docking is where one protein binds onto another and it causes some biological operation or reaction to occur.

[email protected] is looking for proteins that seem to work well at stopping the HIV docking procedure that allows it to infect other cells and has so far managed to analyse over 20 Billion proteins, a few thousand of which seem to perform this crucial function.

Join me on the Fireside for more explanations about computational molecular biology!

Interested in trying to find the cure to cancer?

Don't have a good computer or want to donate your spare time?

Join Zooniverse, a site for volunteer science!

Solve puzzles and complete tasks that help real scientists solve real problems!

Check out my channel where I do volunteer science every now and then! Make sure you follow me to get a notification whenever I go live!

Gridcoin Discord | Gitlab | Donate | [email protected]


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Fellow cruncher here :)
Glad to see you posting about it and I hope you will continue to share and create science content.
Good luck out there!

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Fellow cruncher here :D
Glad to see more of us here, I hope you will continue to post science content.
Good luck to you!

Fellow cruncher here :D
Glad to see more of us here, I hope you will continue to post science content.
Good luck to you!

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