How rain (free coin gift/donation) could become donation for faucets?

in gridcoin •  10 months ago

Hello Gridcoiners*!

I noticed is down with error 503, while it been a thing of luck to get any coin from because it is most times dry or a reply that "you are behind a proxy". 

I was just wondering how newbies in particular, can get their initial coin for beacon advertisement and all, since they might not be aware of "rains" in the community?

I want to humbly suggest that, a percentage of the rain (gift or donation) in the different communities should be coordinated or programmed in a way that, they are directed to these faucets, to keep them afloat and not dry.

Forgive my innocent suggestion, if such is already in place that I am not aware of.

Thank you for your time and love always.

To Gridcoin success.

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While chatting with TG13088 in the IRC #gridcoin channel, he said and I quote.

"Faucets are a source of starter coins for Noobs ... Actually there is little incentive since far too many people look at them as a source of "free coins" and are constantly running them dry ... the intent is to use them to get enough to send your Beacon and then "stand on your own two feet" once you are off and running. Hopefully once you get established, then you can donate to help other people who are starting out."

Meaning it's the freebies hunters that run the faucets dry, I hope when they are "established", they will donate back to the faucets, so that, newbies will have coins for their beacon advertisement?

Rain is based on a function of the core wallet callled 'sendmany', it allows you to pay just one transaction fee but send many different amounts to many different addresses allin one go. The Rain function just bases the addresses and amounts on the amount of Magnitude each address has in a specific project.


The rain I'm talking about is that of the irc #gridcoin and such groups. Join and maybe you will understand what I'm talking about. Thanks.


OK sure I dont get on IRC much




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This is a fantastic idea delords! I'm not sure why it hasn't been implemented yet. If only a .00001 GRC from every rain request went to one of the faucets that would be great. The fantastic thing about GRC is that it can be created all the time and "easily" so to give a tiny bit away by those who have for those who are getting into it sounds fantastic. Sometimes what I like to do is donate the rain GRC I get to different faucets so that they won't run dry. It's the give and take that makes us successful.