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RE: Gridcoin 4.0-2018 General Roadmap Poll - Receiving Earned Research Rewards

in #gridcoin2 years ago

I absolutely reject the superblock payout concept for a few reasons:

  • Zero documentation/specs on how it could be done safely.
  • Superblocks have been proven insecure in testnet recently, and similarly in production back in september. We would require a massive overhaul of the NN system to even begin considering this concept.
  • We currently reward one user per block, increasing this to several hundred would potentially require significant compute time (an undocumented challenge).

Manual ERR claims sound interesting, but we will require balancing of economic policy in this scenario given that we would be removing one of the main reasons to hold GRC (to stake & earn your rewards). Burn based mag multiplier perhaps could offset the economic damage that MERR could cause in the short term.

Though, we already do have open source gridcoin pools for those with zero GRC, why make substantial economic policy changes for these users when external solutions already exist? I'm torn on this topic, bring economic balancing policies to the table.


These are my feelings too and summarize why I indicated that I do not think we should explore these options yet.