Gridcoin.US Website overhauled!

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Thanks to barton26, peppernrino & everyone in the slack web-dev channel for helping create the latest version of the gridcoin website.

Do note that the above image was spliced together through multiple screenshots, it's best viewed directly.

Change log:

  • Migrated from grctest repo to gridcoin-community repo (better organization & less centralization).
  • New logo & colour scheme used throughout the website.
  • Solo/Pool/Investor mode advantage/disadvantage section summarized in table format. This is far simpler and less wall-of-text-y.
  • New download links for Mac OS (Thanks acey!)
  • Boinc server docker repo added under 'other' downloads.
  • Header and footer contents updated.
  • Blog added.
  • Contact us page added.
  • Door.One added to exchanges header/footer (we'll have compatibility through open.grc).

Have any further suggestions or want to help development?

Please head on over to the gridcoin-site community repo on github & get submitting issues and or pull requests!

Best regards,


Nice job @CM-steem and thank you for your help also.

Great job! I'm also in favor of slight adjustments to make the color scheme a bit less aggressive. But overall: super neat!
While I do like the explanation text under "What is Gridcoin?" ... may I suggest to insert a "easy-as-one-two-three" kind of summary before that?
Something along the lines of:

  1. Simply install the Gridcoin wallet and use a trusted exchange to become an investor.
  2. As a Gridcoin miner, you get crypto currency for supporting ongoing distributed computing projects.
  3. With Gridoin, the electricity that is needed to run the network does something good in addition to providing a crypto-currency.
    Let's earn money for supporting science.

This way we could have a really simple summary before visitors get confronted with the slightly technical "What is Gridcoin" text body as it is now.

Since this is more helpful and I have to live up to my user name here: I created a pull-request.

This is a great update for Grid Coin. I've been listening to you, cm-steem, on the Hangouts for weeks and wanted to find a resource to learn more about it. The few clicks I just did on the site shows the info is organized really well with concise language.

Having done info architecture in a past life I know how challenging it can be to pull it all together.

Congrats to you, barton26, peppernrino, and everyone else who worked on it.

Upvoted & Resteemed.

A little bit too much of the same colour in my opinion, bites a little bit in my eyes. :)

We'll dial into the correct balance of purple, don't worry ;D

The purple kinda bites in my eyes as well. The green of before was quite nice (and natural) and I guess it wouldn't be too bad in combination with the purple logo (which would additionally highlight the logo).

The site looks great! However the purple and grey clash quite a lot. I realise the purple was community voted so we cannot really change that, so maybe a different shade of grey may be better? The tick marks on the table half way down are also difficult to read.

Yes ... a little bit lighter grey would be good (and give a nice kinda spacey look).

This is top-notch shit! To the fucking moon and beyond

I've fallen in love all over again. Ty @cm-steem!

very useful information @cm-steem, these are nice improvements, the website is looking very attractive and beautiful than before, thanks for sharing

Nice!, simplified, the advantage / disadvantage helps new people decide what they would like to do, and Purple Power!! And i got a friend with a mac who would love the link to th osx wallet,

Very good indeed @cm-steem, I really am in love with the new design. Thanks alot for pushing gridcoin forward ! If we keep this effort up gridcoin will live long and prosper ! Thanks guys

The site looks awesome, nice and clean, great logo.

Does the end of the 4th paragraph in the What is Gridcoin section read as intended?

We are working on updating the copy as well = )

Looks like a definite winner now. Cheers.

If you want to take a single screenshot of a whole page:

The color scheme and the overall layout of the new website looks amazing. Wonderful job to all that were involved!

New concept simple understandable description , cute i upvote,

wow cool developments these steps gives gridcoin even more heights, the website looks awesome now. upvoted and followed

That site is looking good! Need to check it out and gridcoin too.

Perfect, but I am sure there are tiny details that need to be fix.

Nice.i resteem this post.i hope it will be in hot of luck.

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

Thanks for information!

Great topic @cm-steem
Thanks for sharing

I just found the website, I have been reading at a glance, it looks like a lot of interesting things there.

Thank you for sharing this important post @cm-steem

Hey Gridcoin team!! @cm-steem,

great work on Gridcoin! yet another great asset to the crypto universe!!

It would be great to see you at our steemit meet up on 16th September in Birmingham!

If you can make it, there will be a free steemit t-shirt for you, live music from @branhmusic and 150 pounds behind the bar,

Please see link for more details!

Nice job, but I would welcome some further tweaks. Light text on dark background or some colour combinations are often hard on eyes. I think the cause is chromatic aberration.

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