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Gridcoin Peerplays Testnet RPS Tournament!

Game details:

Game: #RPS 1.16.53

Creator: gridcoin-cm1

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2017 8:22 PM BST

Max player count: 20 Players!


1st place gets 500 GRC
2nd place gets 250 GRC
3rd place gets 100 GRC
All other participants will get 10 GRC for participating.

How to play?

  1. Register for the Peerplays testnet! (Store your details and key in a password manager!)
  2. Navigate to the 'Play' tab. Select 'Rock Paper Scissors'.
  3. Navigate to the 'Explore' tab. (Or click here)
  4. Join the game with the above game details by pressing the 'Join' button! (see screenshot)
  5. Post your Gridcoin address and your peerplays username in this thread!

Where to chat?

Join the Peerplays Telegram channel!

Join the Peerplays testnet-feedback chatroom!

Join the Gridcoin Telegram channel!

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin (Ticker: GRC) is a decentralized, open source math-based digital asset (cryptocurrency). It performs transactions peer-to-peer cryptographically without the need for a central issuing authority.

Gridcoin was the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which can be virtually any kind of distributed computing process (GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc).

BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It's free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, map the milkyway, crack enigma codes, etc..

Gridcoin rewards BOINC computation using the Distributed Proof of Research (DPOR) reward mechanism, which is a combination of Proof of BOINC (POB) and Proof of Stake (POSv2).

Proof of Work (POW) consensus mechanisms are not utilised by the Gridcoin network, making the Gridcoin cryptocurrency network far more energy efficient than any existing POW cryptocurrencies.

Why is Gridcoin holding this tournament?

The Gridcoin network hopes to be one of the first few cryptocurrencies to be integrated into Peerplays once it has launched; the Gridcoin network has approx 12k users and the BOINC network has 4 million registered users, we could bring a lot of users to the Peerplays network.


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NOTE: Join #RPS 1.16.53, NOT #RPS 1.16.51.



My Username: kiebitz-1
My GRC address: S6GkRc8rJpkhKQts3cNGTZjtQHZSwiK2D6

Username: nuad01
GRC Address: S21WbWtXVUcxpbfkJQTpBto2bhTpPmPWEm

name: go-fan
Adress: RzGogvBZehWAyuX2Mk5WXyEC19VVJuyfRD

So I don't have to click anything now to roll the dice or whatever?


Have to wait for all 20 people to join first.


You need to wait till 20 have joined, then you need to play rock paper scissors. So keep an eye on the game filling up.


there are 20 in it but I can't play anywhere?


No. I think now I just missed the game when I was eating.

I did a different one and the other user was not responding, so I think that happened to me here.

Thanks for putting this on - super intrigued by PeerPlays:

Username: nepd0
GC Address: S1S6p2MmugfxtPd7VPCjRzZatPpu3P1D4M

IRC: greo
ID: greo-tan
ADDR: Rz83nwFgPQs4K11Lf53Mf2kVN64mJSn8vq

IRC: gciapita
ID: gciapita1
ADDR: RzkaPsRqwqZRy1Hp1x2NRaUkheQscfucuv

IRC: Peppernrino
ID: peppernrino

IRC: ribald
ID: ribald13

ID: neural-miner
ADDR: SCLCaFDCMxZ82EBx3tzVH7Lz197w6vq8Nn


addr: SBrH3cvH5Li6QcrhFYa1PWG3eW6z4GbNWZ

id ifoggz-84
grc S23aGamXgYouoT1VY1GFnjUVpgtD4Pge7b


lol whoops i dont have ny testnet grc address im out of town haha. will tonight :)


You should be using your production GRC addr, not testnet.

A bit more details would be appreciated. Like: Do I just need to sign up or do I need to tranfer steem or GRC (from testnet?) to it?

Especially for those who not know Gridcoin a few more links, like to the wallet, would be good, too ;)


You don't need a Gridcoin testnet wallet nor do you need to pay anything to play - this is the peerplays testnet & you're given 100 tokens to test the system with.

In order to play, you need to sign up to the testnet website yes.

I'll add more links to the Gridcoin website.

Edit: I've added a description about Gridcoin, and there are instructions for users to post both their GRC (production) address in this thread for rewards, and their Peerplays testnet username (to prove they participated).

Username: ribald13
GRC adress: RyYafXU9QgWQKs7SVSFLbWtscVz3dapHaH

Peerplay user: r0paga

Seems like 20 users is a bit too much, it takes a bit long to star a new game. However the more the funnier :-)


Took us a while to get 20 users in the game, but it worked out quite well :)

Edit: Sent the 10 GRC anyways ;D

That is the game underway! Click the 'Join' button!

Overview link:

1st place: NeuralMiner; TXID:
2nd place: Nuad (250GRC rained upon IRC channel - thanks Nuad!)
3rd place: Ribald TX1: 0babef526d5c8e9bd14ccbb2e8254d4c0d904a65402ead91ba8b4a8a30f691be-000 TX2: 038c1c7f78910ce465d306d730346d8e1bfbbf91394a14f1614061d90cf384f1-000

Runners up:
greo - txid: 85cda70e7fd08e1694cc76fab1f8acb9c261a075dc6373ed6ed1f72ff6145552-000
gcipedia - txid: a7fa7c9bdba661e08c247bc4398d84e6fa8fe32ebe92e0ae24e4c9606ddc80d5-000
peppernrino - txid: 5f19b0f2e8eddaaa9f64858ff13e1734a13e48452aeca357449c98e19c2cd3dd-000
ifoggz - txid: 4465bc014bb27b496bddc0d526e5c1e507121548a64f314fa1df18c8c85b0da7-000
mercosity - txid: e2690ce14ef6a4cd8ee3f10e9c39caa16f4a231276fbf40daf3eca578a9ce9c9-000
nepd - txid: 41e43a7f576ed2b4c6a89099c95d9614f0300470fd3fecc497544090d0c72804-000
kiebitz - txid: 90d8b94113f74d4cb01513f922fd59e2a7f030068af1f0abed59ba9bf83260e1-000
lennstar - txid: 4df2fded151106038a2ab2295f509153113efe035913b6308964a586765f051d-000
tom12 - txid: 11e2a3e2f439a2ecb5bbc85d551cfda0f00bd5bb1a333086e402035923f80ced-000
r0paga - txid: 998926df63089ffbdad4084db8a7ed89ef19bb4a25811b38c92d2bc8bcf232de-000

8 users failed to provide their addresses, 100 GRC was rained in IRC instead.


Issues raised by community:

  • When you were waiting for your next game, of if you lost (with no further games) you were presented with a 'no "in progress" game' message, which prove confusing. A more verbose message would be excellent, especially if you've got more games to compete in.

  • There were some strange single player games shown in the overview?

  • It would be cool for there to be a spectator mode, especially if you lost or if you are a non-participating tournament organizer.

Peerplays testnet
user: tgunde123
GRCaddress: SBDwuiqE58822bt1P21tqf3LfNd7wJ23Eu


Hey, sorry but you missed the tournament.

Try out the testnet peerplays anyways? There's a few open games at the moment.

Have fun everyone and enjoy your Peerplays & Gridcoin winnings!

This is awesome!

cm-steem - Do you mind if I copy aspects of this format for another(s) tournaments? I would credit you and give shout outs to Gridcoin...

I would like to do this for other coins in order to get others to check out Peerplays.


Go for it, the more users we can get on the Peerplays testnet the better! :)