Brainstorming BOINC projects #004

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BOINC and Gridcoin

What is BOINC?

BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented distributed computing grid. It's free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, map the milkyway, fold proteins, search for extraterrestrial life, etc.

Currently, there are approx 580,000 active BOINC users & more then 4 million registered accounts. There's serious computing power being untapped at the moment.

What are some examples of existing BOINC projects?

  • World Community Grid : Attempting to solve Cancer, Ebola, Malaria, Zika, etc.
  • SETI@Home : Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
  • GPUGRID: Full-atom molecular simulations of proteins
  • Milkyway@home : Creation of a 3d map of the milkyway galaxy using data gathered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This project enables research in both astroinformatics and computer science.

Examples of more whitelisted projects.

How does Gridcoin benefit BOINC?

The Gridcoin network rewards BOINC volunteers on behalf of the whitelisted BOINC projects. As a result, more computation is pointed at their projects without costing the BOINC project admins a penny.

By comparison, a BOINC project admin would have to fork out serious cash to get an equal level of computing power out of Maidsafe/Golem/etc.

Who can make a BOINC project?

Anyone can create a BOINC project, there's no centralised authority that you are required to consult before creating a BOINC project.

How can I make a BOINC project?

IMO, the easiest method of creating a BOINC project is to use the 'BOINC Server Docker' repo! It takes the majority of manual configuration out of the picture allowing you to focus on customization & the creation of your application/work units.

The developer "Marius Millea" (Cosmology@Home dev) is very active, give him a shout if you run into issues w/ the docker container.

Outdated guides

There are three types of BOINC projects!



  • Companies: Use BOINC for desktop Grid computing.
    Create a commercial BOINC project, charge customer to process their data and distribute x% to BOINC crunchers & y% to project admins/shareholders.

BOINC DAC (Theoretical)

A "BOINC deentralized autonomous company" is a theoretical extension on the 'Commercial/For-Profit' project type.

Further research&development is required to decentralize the BOINC web server stack.

Existing research (mostly storage decentralization, not 100% decentralized)

BOINC vs Cloud computing platforms

Research papers

TL;DR: (Note - 7 year old statistics!)

  • In the best-case scenario, hosts register at a rate of 124 cloud nodes per day.
  • The ratio of volunteer nodes needed to achieve the compute power of a small EC2 instance is about 2.83 active volunteer hosts to 1.
  • Effectively, with a commercial BOINC project, there exists the opportunity to create a cloud computing service without actually owning/providing the computing capabilities yourself. Imagine creating Azure at a fraction of the cost..

Got an idea for a BOINC project?

Do you have an idea for a potential BOINC project, or do you have questions about either BOINC or Gridcoin? Reply below! You don't need to have the skills to implement the project, we want to hear all ideas! :)

I'll repost your ideas each month afterwards to immortalize the idea until it is created! ;D

Best regards,

Why is this thread being reposted?

Due to complexities in Steemit's reward mechanism, there is a 30 day maximum window for replying to threads. After 30 days have passed, the thread is effectively archived/dead.

In order to continuously brainstorm possible BOINC projects this thread will be reposted every 30 days.

Past threads


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This is a really interesting idea. I2P is a great project that would benefit greatly of a project like this. Freenet is another project that could benefit from this, but would have more warning flags because of how the project operates. It would be an equal type of Proof-of-Storage.


I think that this would be the best project to create, as it would draw Google's attention towards BOINC/Gridcoin.


Regarding the anonymity I suggested using Geohash with user configurable precision. The system would weight a user's data down if the user chooses a more coarse location since the data now spans over a larger area. They would still contribute, only less so.

I think it would be easy on the server and easily queried in the databases. The servers could also use the exact same mechanisms when visually displaying data on maps, for example. If you zoom out you decrease the precision (that is, increase the area of the Geohash grid cells) so it would automatically weigh user data down. In the grand scheme of things, those who already had low weights would now participate with "normal" weight. If that makes any sense.


Would highly likely require decentralization as to prevent a project administrator having full control over a large quantity of liquidity bots.


Anyone willing to reach out to the BARK students to open-source their work via linkedin? One guy works at Google, another at MongoDB; they will likely not release BARK unless chased up about it.


We were previously discussing the fact that users could just return a 'unsuccessful password range' without performing the computation when distributed HOB work, but perhaps sub-task spot-checking could eliminate this behaviour? If returned results do not contain valid spot-checkpoint results then we could disregard the result and administer a punishment to the user for manipulating the result.


Not only for Cryptocoins.
Projects like Freenet can benefit from something like this.


Indeed, both the full-node and TOR project ideas are somewhat proof-of-bandwidth/resource projects. We need relevant credit mechanisms for proof of bandwidth.


Perhaps we can pick an alternative cluster computing platform to create a decentralized distributed computing project which we could include within Gridcoin's neural network?

Any thoughts on the most suitable platform?


Still waiting on password hashing mechanism to be hardened.

Need to uplift the project rain repo to the latest BOINC server code, as bootstrap is now the default & the current repo version does not use bootstrap.


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I can't read so much sorry , I'm giving up on steem for now :D my mind is loosing Power :D and Steem doesn't help :D anyway to not get into my whines and choices , got here from @darth-azrael , He resteemed your post , I find it interesting , but it's too much and this subject is out of my "comfort zone" so I will need a introduction. Youve provided so much information and I'm a bit overwhelmed , see you later I guess can't read into all the posts you've made :D , but its a nice initiative for city management, maybe even hosting websites maybe ? Why not even transport and the back end processing , 1 thing I feel could go wrong is if the whole system gets compromised and used as a botnet from a "cancerous" attack. But as I've said "out o m comfort zone" so just thoughts and no base :)

Other than my paranoia on "cyber security" and how easily accessable most things seem to be

Final thought , use it for cyber security then :D , great firewalls :|

ahaha I can see a world like Tron if we go to AR VR and Internet wars :D