Vote for Gridcoin on txbit to earn us a free listing!

in #gridcoin2 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone, we have reapplied for the monthly vote on txbit. This month's vote starts today (August 6th) and runs until the August 27th. You can vote for Gridcoin here:

Here are the rules for voting:

One account = One vote every 24 hours

Voting multiple times from the same IP address or computer is prohibited. One account per person allowed only.

Txbit monitors accounts created from temporary email providers and actively deducts those votes from the tally

Accounts must have 2FA enabled to cast a vote

Brand new accounts are not able to cast a vote for 30 minutes after account activation.

At the end of the vote, we will review the votes received by each candidate before publishing the final results

Candidate with the most legitimate votes published in final results receives a free listing

After publishing the final results, txbit will list the winner within a reasonable time frame

Txbit reserves the right to change the rules of the vote without any notification

Please follow the rules when voting for us and hopefully we can get the number one spot and get a free listing!