Gridcoin Leisure Update Released

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This patch is intended to fix the numerous forking issues users have experienced over the last week. Please download this update and also the new snapshot here. For more information on the snapshot see this post by @tcblack.

This is a leisure update, but is strongly recommended for all users to fix forking issues. If you have issues installing the MSI, please try uninstalling the previous wallet installation and reinstalling fresh from this MSI.

Download the update from GitHub here.

You can also download the Windows MSI here. Remember to backup your wallet.dat and config file before updating!

Note that the in-wallet upgrader is still not working at this time. Please do not upgrade from inside the wallet!

Below is the changelog for this release:


Beacon validation are now done when accepting blocks, not when receiving,
#899 (@denravonska).
Fix crashes due to buffer overflow in encrypt/decrypt, #890 (@denravonska).
Rewrite reorganize routine to be more reliable and drop contracts received
or issued while on a side chain to help reducing forks, #902 (@tomasbrod).

Thank you to our developers, especially @ravonn and @tomasbrod for all the work they put into this update. I would also like to thank all those in Slack who helped us test various fixes over the last three days.


Please be aware that there is still an issue which may occur when the nodes reorganize to another fork. We are aware of this and are working on solving it. If that happens a manual reorganize and possibly a restart may be needed.

thanks for the good work guys!

You've done some awesome work guys, I'm eager for the next update!

Great stuff, thanks guys. Installing now.

great work. thanks for sharing.

Great stuff! I updated the client (no fresh install needed, just ran the .msi), got the snapshot through regular Download Blocks command and everything seems to be in sync for the past 3 hours.

For faster adoption of the new version, I think site should be updated with a visible and clear announcement (the download wallet link is corect, but the blog section's last entry is for 3.7.4 version)

This will be updated soon (in the next day or two)

I changed to and loaded the new snapshot. All synced good and my difficulty is now at 2.152, that's pretty well! I hope forking is fixed with that! Thanks to the developers!

did exactly the same, ended up on my very own fork, net weight = account balance

I think that is the issue I am having.. I upgraded all my linux boxes and alt windows helper nodes and new snapshot without any issues what so ever so I went and didmy main actual money wallet and my balance should be in the 22,000grc area and shows around 6000grc or there about and that is about what my weight should be or there about to think about it seeing your post. I saw your post last night and hoped others along with the alt irc support channel would help but no replies and nothing on github. I do not know if i need to sync from 0 and or reorganize or what to do? Something new overnight that developed was that I voted on 3 polls right before the fork on the 30th and I have not had my wallet up and running since the 1rst around 1am as I closed it due to this issue and I see over night there was a transaction of .03grc as if my 3 votes were returned and the blockchain rolled back I have never seen a transaction without the client running like that? I am not sure what is going on and this is a 18,000GRC difference in what my total is and I know the NN knows its tied to me and my CPID and thinking it will return on next stake? Or as I have seen sync from 0 or reorganize.. I have daily backups and my wallet.dat and any files needed. I do not recall what block it was stuck @ and was staking for 2 days while stuck/forked on that block and not so well with the block explore my cpid is 1ac793c529cd6ffa942afaef7c5068c2 please help!

  1. Restore from snapshot.
  2. If your funds are still missing after syncing (verify your hash after sync), run a repairwallet.
  3. If you staked on a fork and the funds have since disappeared, you will receive them when you stake again on main.

@barton26 could you explain why each time two post about an upgrade of the wallet were made? Is there a conflict between you and @peppernrino?

Multiple people and both have different followers and belong to other side groups and communities , I am surprised not more cross posted repeats! Just gets the word out faster and to more people. :)

a constructive comment with valid details CHEERS; this is true. socially we are connected but not to the same people or those people's people. We can get the word out a little more across the board by using multiple avenues and increase success of having the topics reach the end-user, thus resulting in a better success rate. upvoted

awesome, thanks for working on it so hard.

Thx for the work...

.msi got me back on the chain, unfortunately I missed the part about a nee snapshot so I had to download blocks. Wallet is eating around 30% of cpu and memory now unfortunately.

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