Gridcoin Leisure Update Released

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Today we have a new leisure update for you. This version includes a lot of "under the hood" changes, but there are some improvements for the average user as well.

Notably this release includes a better time to stake calculation method, thanks to @jamescowens. Also the Neural Network runs much smoother thanks to many optimizations by @ifoggz.

Download the update from GitHub here.

Update The Windows MSI can be downloaded here. Checksum

Full Release Notes:





Thank you to all the developers who contributed to this release. Update: The windows MSI is now available.


Thank you for taking the time working on both the development code along with testnet and then giving your weekly or so dev updates and road-map updates and then taking the time to inform us of updates , then updating when the .msi is available. Mind you people that he has steemit/discord/slack/facebook/twitter/github especially to update the website to the right version and who knows what else he has to post updates to and I know it takes many chunks of your time and we all as a community appreciate it. You are very thorough and use words that make things simple vs trying to be all wordy and confusing and I think it really helps out most of the community especially the newcomers.

Woo! Lots of useless baggage is gone yay!

Whenever there's a Leisure Update, I imagine this:

Gridcoin Lesiure update.jpg

The Windows MSI is now available for download here.

So many excellent changes, keep up the amazing work everyone involved! I'm off to upgrade my client! 🏃‍♂️

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I'm finally beginning to play catch up on Gridcoin so I'm glad to see this, and hope to be back on the train soon.

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The only thing that the bot mentioned that was actually in the post was @pythonix

Actually when I initially posted, it included the errors for ifoggz and myself. I edited them to match the steem usernames. The bot was not incorrect when it posted.

I just released a Gridcoin review, I would appreciate it if you take a look and give me your thoughts.


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Is there any chance of getting the installers signed?

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