My Gridcoin Setup

in gridcoin •  11 months ago

I've been mining gridcoin since about mid June this year. When I say mining, what I mean is digging in the backyard with grandma's teaspoon. I'm currently getting about 1.5 GRC a day from grcpool consistently with my work laptop. It sits on my desk at work mooching off the wifi and cranking nonstop.

My home PC is a much more capable beast however. When I was mining on it for a week straight, I think I was able to get 6-8 a day. But my electric bill went a little crazy after that, so I've had to cut back. I tried soloing with it for a while just to see, but haven't received anything in over 2 months so I'm gonna go back to full pool for a while longer.

Because of that, my home RAC is still building up. I mainly run it at home either over the weekend when browsing steemit or doing things that are not PC intensive, and sometimes after I get home from work for an hour or so.

Also, I started mining away on my phone at night. I lay it face down, set a big CPU heatsink on it and let it run. The heatsink works pretty well; the only time I've noticed a problem is when I plug it in at night when it's already at 90% so it runs BOINC all night. Then I fine it a bit warm in the morning.

This one's still on solo because I haven't hacked the app yet to add grcpool.

I'm hoping to add more devices at some point or upgrade my current ones. I'm also still on the fence about using google cloud services free trial for BOINC.

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Get a solo power kit for powering your cell phone. Then check the results. After that if you can afford it, get a solo power kit for your laptop and mine.

hey @alanman, cool to see youre still on it. Electricity bills are for sure not made in heaven ... mine is also surging to new heights :)
Anyways youre doing the right thing!
Keep on crunching
Yours Jan

Good choice!
Keep on BOINCing!