Gridcoin Weekly #2; Week 34

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Welcome to Gridcoin Weekly.

We aim to write about what happens in the Gridcoin world and have some longer in depth sections on topics that has been hot the current week, and try to highlight many of the current interesting things. We give you tips and statistics to make you feel up to date on everything regarding the network. Do you wish to see something special, please leave a comment in the section below.


Finding new interesting projects and SSL enforcment

The talk about SSL continues and there are currently a vote in the wallet about this. The vote is about if we should enforce SSL for projects. If the community votes yes there will then be votes per project to remove or keep that project on the whitelist. If you wish to make sure a project are kept, and they are not using SSL, make sure to get in touch with the project managers for the project. There is also a Projects Forum for everyone to talk about different projects and their status of SSL.

The search for interesting project to add to the whitelist has also been done. Many projects has been contacted already. If you know of a project that is not whitelisted yet and think it should be, you should reach out on the forum. They are open for anyone to submit a project they think can be good and will do the work of contacting them to see if they fit the criteria to be on the whitelist.

Wallet improvements for new users

The wallet has been discussed heavily, especially how it can be improved for new users. Many users that are new come to Gridcoin directly from BOINC and may never have been exposed to crypto currency before, resulting in many questions and issues that many long time users may not think about. The main developer of Gridcoin has done a great job with the client, but as work progresses the design could be improved. There has been suggestions to improve the graphical status to show the loading progress. An idea is to have something like "Message of the Day" directly in the wallet, to alert users about new things happening.

Ideas, Issues and things regarding the wallet and network can be submited to the Github page for the developers to be noticed.

In other news

Gridcoin Hangout

Listen to the Gridcoin Hangout on SoundCloud (takes a few days after live session before it's posted)

Votes in Progress

Poll TitlePoll Voting NameOptionsEnding
Should SSL encryption be mandatory for whitelisted projectsssl_enforcement_pollYes / NoSeptember 5
What are the best projectswhat_are_the_best_projectsMultiple ChoicesSeptember 5
What communication platform do you preferecommunication_platform_preferenceMultiple ChoicesSeptember 5

Gridcoin Decentralized Voting System Documentation

Wallet Updates

Version was released on 28th August.
This updated fixes some of the issues with loading times and voting system.

Current Challenge

ProjectCurrent PositionEnding
[email protected] (Registration Required)112016-08-29
World Community Grid12016-09-05

Joining a challenge may give extra profit trough Project Rain. Any update regarding rain can be found on the official forum.

Upcoming Challenges

ProjectStart DateEnd Date
Currently None--

This Week in Numbers

 This WeekLast WeekChange
Team Users78357790+45
Active Users (Neural Network)17161716-
Active Users (Boincstats)21972122+75
Pool Users13471323+24

Interested to join?

If you are not currently using Gridcoin but would like to, here are a few places to get help on how to start:
Gridcoin Webpage
Gridcoin Forum
Gridcoin on Steemit
IRC: #gridcoin and #gridcoin-help

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For the splash contest, do we have to keep to logo completely intact?
Is it ok to change up the Gridcoin symbol/logo at all or is it just the background we focus on.


Hi freshfund.

I recommend that you read on the contest thread on the forum, where they can help you with the rules.

The Gridcoin Team took 10th place on the [email protected] WOW challenge, which ended today!

Thanks for the link to the Market Value discussion, I should finish up a followup post this evening.

I'm sorry I didn't make it to the Hangout.