Greyhound rescue

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I'm often working as a volunteer at a greyhound rescue foundation.
You can see how charming are they!























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One extra 's' in there mate. @steemflagrewards.

I call them bod bots sometimes.., slip of the fingers.. ya know?!

Bid bot, mate, bid bot.

You got my first free flag for doing too much with the bots and too little with the content..

Bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

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Need a space between the word bid and bot.

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This post already has a SFR comment. A downvote would suffice. We got rid of the follow on flags a while ago.

Gotcha too much stuff to keep up with lol

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You win first top content piece of HF21.

I think you're going to end up on the wrong side of history here, just a hunch...

spoiler: he already is

He downvoted it. So, I assumed he was being sarcastic.

Thanks for pointing that out, I believe you are right. Removed my downvote.

That being said, I think my statement is no less true.

Although the dogs are cute and all, I think Bid Botting this low quality post to the top of trending isn't. Downvoted

Nemes gesztus meg minden de a bid botokra mostantol jobb odafigyelni. Ilyen par kepre nem szabad ennyit boostolni mert latod mindenki fel fogja hasznalni a ingyen down votejat.

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Piece of shit post deserves more flags.

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At #NewSteem we want content creators to be rewarded for their excellent work #ShutTheBotsDown

Such a racist post. "greyhound" foundation... All races are the same, why discriminate? #racism

Oh I love how calm their faces are!

Wow keep up the good work

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Wow, awesome job.

That long face makes them wonderful!

good job..saving dog is the best..

it's crazy how some of them are super skinny :(

Good job though

Where is it in Hungary? Can try to give a hand!?

We are working as volunteers there:

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Greyhounds have such beautiful personalities.

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oh my god... the white one is soooo cute....

szia Jodie

Legyszives, ne hasznaljatok szavazo botokat, foleg ne "dump and run" irasokra. A tobbiek le fogjak szavazni a te post-jaidat mivel a cel az hogy Steem egy jobb platform legyen.

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Nice pictures and I appreciate your work with dogs... But to the tune off $75?

Here's the thing:

I'm often working as a volunteer at a greyhound rescue foundation.
You can see how charming are they!

And 22 pics uploaded is not worth current value of $73. I've personally been working on steem for 2 years, often spending 5+ hours on a single post for less than a $10 reward. So, I'm downvoting this for bidbot abuse.

P.s. if you're angry about this please go into discord servers and tell the owners of the bidbots you've used.

#newsteem will only work if we address the problem at it's root cause as well 🤖

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