Greenland Crater Tells Us Something Important About "Life" on Earth

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Watching some videos last night; blew my mind to be honest. Happens a lot tho... I was informing myself about craters; Saw a documentary on the 'search' for the Meteor that hit earth, killing the Dinosaurs; they said, the original 'theory' is that they died over many thousands of years; But when they started to find 'evidence' of life suddenly being wiped out, due to examining Rocks pushed up out of the sea; something known as the "KT Line" was found; it's found in all ancient rock structures that are used to figure out what happened on earth; this "Line" is found everywhere; Before the line, all sorts of life; AFTER the line, a huge reduction in life; and everything is 'smaller' ............

Anyways they said, they did not want to believe the 'new theory' formed, after finding this KT line; that something must've wiped it all out, at the same time -- because it would ruin the Other theory; people's lives, and livelihood depended on those theories; The new theory, suggests something, that I feel 'they' have been keeping from the masses, for too long.

Especially with the 'new' find in Greenland.

Anyways for years there was a theory; they 'eventually' found the Crater that wiped out the Dinosaurs; landing in the 'south' of the Gulf of Mexico; the crater was the size the 'scientist' who came up with the theory said it had to be; to cause the destruction it caused; In Greenland, about 30 days ago now, the NEWEST crater may explain ... another mass extinction that we don't talk about.

(The video I'm talking about ...)

To me, this makes no sense. IT should be common knowledge that, any day, all of life as we know it, can truly end; the "Thief in the Night" ..... the Wormwood scenario ... is literally ... the possibility of a 'heavenly body' colliding with our home.

So why won't 'they' tell us?

... the 'hole' deepens.

Nasa explains the New Find in Greenland; the Hiawatha Crater

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